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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

12月29日 晚上
一个并不怎样的晚上, 另加“温情含意”的晚餐。算是接受了吧。应该重头开始,即往不究,以一个宽宏大量的心态接受吧。

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12月29日 早上
一个并不怎样的早上。 早料到会有这么的结果,但我已不管了,既然她一直执谜不悔。说的,劝的,做的都还是一样的结果。 让我期待看吧,如果能开花结果那我也由衷地祝福,如果像老树垂枯倒不如快刀斩乱麻。着吧。

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Nomad on the move

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

I hate moving, seems to me that I always on the move with my office seat due to many various reasons. This time round the most important reason is due to saving money by having 4 person on of the section so as to save on utilities bill from the air-con and lights. Find it so lame....

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Tsunami triggered off thoughts

Monday, December 27, 2004

What a fast fury tsunami that hit the asians country. Just have a curious question thought in my mind on the cause of the tsunami. Scientifically, it is caused by an earthquake in the sea base where the clashing of the earth plate causes the huge tidal wave. But on the other side, I just couldn't help thinking if it is some kind of punishment meted by God or Heaven to punish the sinful human lots.

In the novel, "Twelve Kingdom" that I am reading currently, the causes of natural disasters are attributed to the King failure to govern the country well. It is said that the King has lost the "way" and as such the God would send natural disasters as symptons and signs of a failuring kingdom.

This triggers my thought that losing your way/path doesn't necessary applies to the King itself. As a boss, you might not gain your colleagues or fellowship support due maybe too demanding, maybe no leadership quality or whatever reasons out there. As friend you might lose your friends trust, rapport or support.

Each of us will at some point in times feel lost and hoping to get a light or lift up to get back to the path. It is of course good that if you have a buddy beside you to encourage you, to motiviate and share the same goal. Then at times you would have to be independant and fight your way through the many obstacles and challenges posed ahead. Only by clearing all these obstacles and challenges you can prove yourself worthly!

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Tuesday, December 21, 2004


“每 个人都是以自己为标准来推测别人的啊。所谓同情心,就是看到别人在痛苦,就想假使是自己的话一定也会很痛苦。这两种思路都是差不多的吧。他们觉得以自己为 标准来推测他人,这样的想法本身是不可以被否定的。之所以这样,不过是因为他们本人将来也可能会遭遇同样的事情而已。”


“如 果是诚心诚意地感谢一个人,那么你就会自然而然地想向他叩头。礼法是用来表达心中所想的一种手段,要是反过来用礼法衡量一个人的忠诚度,那所谓的礼法 也就失去原有的意义了。而让勉强要求别人向自己扣头,就像要别人低头,然后自己用脚踩在他们的头上,以显自己身份的尊贵”

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While reading my online novel yesterday, I chance upon this wonderful site, which I feel is a good multilingual dictionary. For myself, I read chinese novel more than english, and as usual, there are some chinese character that I don't know how to read or pronounce. This thought come to me that day to find out the pronounication of the character. This wiktionary, not only recognised the chinese character but also gather simliar character for Japanese Kanji and Korean Hanja.

After talking so much of this site, the URL is http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Main_Page

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Human jealousy

Friday, December 17, 2004

Today to me is not really a good day. I hate the feeling that a colleage happily leave the company and started to distribute his toys and assets. Of course I'm happy for him cause everyone entitled to move on with their life and work for good company. Still the feeling of receiving assets and handover is a bit bitter I guess haha... I shall attribute it to the jealousy weakness of human at work haha...

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Human used to familiar stuff and routine. Last nite when I got back home, I was a bit stun by the sight when the lift door open at the usual floor that I alight. Coz I'm so used to seeing familiar plant pots by my neighbour, I thought the lift opened at the wrong floor. And I took a step back to see if it's the correct floor. A moment later I realised that the repairman cemented the flooring at that level as it was cracked before. They placed red mark off tapes around the area and it was vacant for the cement to dry.
This morning I went pass the lift and saw this and started to remind myself that man are used to doing familiar stuff. It's like your routine or familiar stuff, that sometimes if you don't see it you will start to doubt if there is something wrong. That's the feeling that I had last nite.

As I recall a saying, man are used to their comfort zone. If you asked them to get out of the comfort zone, they will start to feel uneasy and wants to go back to the comfort zone that they have before. Similarly for changes to happen it has to be outside the comfort zone. Only when the environment is challenged and changes man will start to make changes and evolve. Such is the nature of the world and how human live.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Sick - this word summarized the day that I been feeling today. Been having bad stomachache since Monday night and this morning I consulted the doctor and it was diagnosed as gastroenteritis. I guess this must be due to my lack of sleep that my body immune system weakening, hopefully this weekend can rest a bit to make up...

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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

This article was forward by a friend of mine, which I feel that the article goes well with the previous blog post that I have posted on - Love and Wedding. Have a read and you will understand why is it so. As the nite is late I shall not write further tonite.


"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it."

A man going abroad to work leaves his fiancee crying. "Don't worry, I will write to you everyday," he said. For years he did write to her. But since he was happy with his job, he had no immediate plans of going home.

One day, he received a wedding invitation. His girlfriend was scheduled to be married. To whom? To the mailman bringing regularly the letters of her boyfriend! Indeed, distance does make hearts flounder. The poor boyfriend surely exclaimed, "What went wrong? I sent her letters, chocolates, and flowers."

When relationships go wrong, the list of things given and done for the person usually crops up. We say, "I have given you this and that...I have done these things for you." It seems that love is simply proven by the bestowal of gifts and favors. But while presents are important, love demands what is basic: 'Presence of the beloved'.

I have observed for instance, the orchids of my mother's. When she is away for a long time, they are unhealthy and many of them wither. But when she is around, they bloom with beautiful flowers. My mother does nothing exceptional. She just spends much time talking and caressing them. I guess persons all the more require a caring presence.

Love is fundamentally a commitment to a person. We may be committed to our business, job, hobby, sports and clubs. But strictly speaking, they cannot love us back. Only a person can love us in return, and for that matter, the highest commitment as human beings, is spending time with those persons we love.

And since people need affection and nourishment, material things can only help up to a certain degree in fostering love. But it can never replace the greatest gift of presence because everyone needs someone - be it friends, parents, siblings or simply that 'special' one.

Being there for someone need not necessary mean having to say alot. Words are sometimes redundant. Remember that 'presence' (to be there for someone) is more than enough. So, make your presence felt as in the case of the following story.

Martha was busy with her job. She believed she had to work harder because she loves her father who is sick of cancer. She has to provide for his expensive medicines. Her brothers and sisters meanwhile, stayed with their father most of the time. They bathed him, sang for him, spoon-fed him or simply kept him company.

One day Martha overheard her father telling her mother, "All our children love me except Martha". She was hurt. " How can this be?" Martha thought. "Am I not the one killing myself in my work to have money to buy for his medicines? My brothers and sisters do not even provide their share in the expenses as much as I do."

One night, when Martha was home, late as usual, she peeped for the first time in the room where her father was lying. She noticed that her father was still awake. She decided to go close to his bedside. Her father held her hands and said, "I miss you. I don't have much time, stay with me."

And she stayed with her father holding his hand the whole night. The next morning Martha said to everybody, "I have taken leave of absence. I would like to be with father. I will bathe him and sing for him from now on." Her father had a beautiful smile. He knew this time Martha loves him.

*As children, we need the assuring presence of our loved ones. Adults need no less.* God didn't promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, sun without rain, but, He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears, and light for the way.

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Love and Wedding

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Today attended a church wedding of a colleague from the Air Force. Coincidentially one of my poly classmate is also having her wedding lunch held at the same date and time. It seems to be an auspicious day to hold wedding.

"Let us not LOVE in word or in tongue and in deed and truth"

That is the theme of their wedding, which serves as a reminder to all new weds that the LOVE should be an ever-lasting action that continues even after you get married, and not for the moment of tempt and spurt of rash. With high the tendency of marriage ending with divorce, let us be aware of our starting point in LOVE and MARRIAGE and stay true to our feelings and promises.

As with this, I shall end it will a blessing to all...
   "Wishes all new weds a blissful and long-lasting marriage."

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What is your greatest regret?

Friday, December 10, 2004

Before this week, I saw this interesting yet meaningful result of a survey. As the site was in Chinese, for the beneficial of non-chinese readers, I tried translating the article based on my poor English. Thankfully, Joselyn replied to the email that I send out to share the story and improved the translation to the below. For all to enjoy or rather food for thought. Original traditional chinese article is posted thereafter.


What is your greatest regret?

A Belgium magazine company conducted a nation wide survey with a group of elderly age over 60 on the topic - "What is your greatest regret?" Below are some of the results that appear in the top 10 greatest regrets that are easily erred.

Ranked Top: 75% of the participants who took the survey feels regret that they did not work hard enough during their younger days and as a result does not have a successful career.

"The fruit of success blossom what you have seeded". If you want to have things that others can't get it, you have to put in the extra effort that others did not put in. when you are young you still have the competitive edge and would put in the extra mile to work harder.

Ranked Second: 70% of the participants revealed that they regret that they have chosen the wrong career during when they were young.

There is nothing wrong with choosing the wrong career, but many would prefer a steadfast career. The ideal job mindset that the young had was to have "less working hours with higher wages and having a job close to home". However, they have forgotten that without stress there will not be with motivation and drive to succeed. Without the drive to succeed, the hidden potential will not be unleashed. The world does not lack of rewarding employers but filled with buried potentials that have chosen to tuck away their hidden talent.

Ranked Third: 62% of the participants regrets that they did not enforce adequate education to their children or used the wrong educational method.

Many parents did not regret and feel that their way of educating their children was correct and adequate. It was only after many years later, they realized that their method of educating the children was based on their individual way and experience and it does not benefit their children. Therefore, they regret that the method was inappropriate or seem to not provide adequate education for their children.

Ranked Fourth: With the 57% of the participants, they regret that they did not cherish their partner

It was only when you lose your missing piece that you realized how much you need it badly. The young couples got married to accompany each other till eternity. Realizing the missing piece in life does not allow you to undo the mistake.

Ranked Fifth: 49% of the participants regrets that they did not exercise enough or did not maintain a good state of health.

Before 60, many dream to change every part of their body. After 60, many wish to trade everything they have for a good health. The richest wealth that man can hope for is to have a good state of health.

Ranked Tenth: About 15% of the people regrets that they did not earn enough money.

To the young and middle age adult, this might seems wholesomely true. Being rich can guarantee a lot of stuffs, however, money is not the most important goal in life.

After thoughts
When you are young and have regrets, you still live the chance to correct the MISTAKES. Once you reach OLD AGE, life does not provide you with much opportunity to undo your regrets. Thus we should reflect upon ourselves to see the path that we have taken and ask ourselves conscientiously - "What is your greatest regret that you have done?"

Taken from the following post on Yahoo TW




凡事沒有不勞而獲,胡適說:”要怎麼收穫,先怎麼栽”。 你想得到別人得不到的,就得付出別人不願付出的。 尤其是在你還年輕,還有機會競爭的時候。

錯誤不在選擇了什麼職業而在於選擇了安穩。 現在年輕人的擇業觀念,要”錢多事少離家近”,








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The launch

This is the launch of my first blog.

It chance upon me of a sudden to use such a name "chronicle sins", however, it shall not be thought of a place where I post sins of others or myself. Who am I or whomever is supposedly to be a fair judge.

Interestingly, when I look up dictionary.com for the definition of "sin", there is a liner that descripts as "sins - willful and deliberate transgressions, which take away divine grace;"

There are times whereby we act based on our wilfuliness, some might view you as stubborn or obstinate, whereas in good sense it be that you are abiding to your own principles. Whatever that is, as long as you are clear on your sense, the touch of divine will not be lost.

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