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Friday, December 17, 2004

Human used to familiar stuff and routine. Last nite when I got back home, I was a bit stun by the sight when the lift door open at the usual floor that I alight. Coz I'm so used to seeing familiar plant pots by my neighbour, I thought the lift opened at the wrong floor. And I took a step back to see if it's the correct floor. A moment later I realised that the repairman cemented the flooring at that level as it was cracked before. They placed red mark off tapes around the area and it was vacant for the cement to dry.
This morning I went pass the lift and saw this and started to remind myself that man are used to doing familiar stuff. It's like your routine or familiar stuff, that sometimes if you don't see it you will start to doubt if there is something wrong. That's the feeling that I had last nite.

As I recall a saying, man are used to their comfort zone. If you asked them to get out of the comfort zone, they will start to feel uneasy and wants to go back to the comfort zone that they have before. Similarly for changes to happen it has to be outside the comfort zone. Only when the environment is challenged and changes man will start to make changes and evolve. Such is the nature of the world and how human live.

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