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Love and Wedding

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Today attended a church wedding of a colleague from the Air Force. Coincidentially one of my poly classmate is also having her wedding lunch held at the same date and time. It seems to be an auspicious day to hold wedding.

"Let us not LOVE in word or in tongue and in deed and truth"

That is the theme of their wedding, which serves as a reminder to all new weds that the LOVE should be an ever-lasting action that continues even after you get married, and not for the moment of tempt and spurt of rash. With high the tendency of marriage ending with divorce, let us be aware of our starting point in LOVE and MARRIAGE and stay true to our feelings and promises.

As with this, I shall end it will a blessing to all...
   "Wishes all new weds a blissful and long-lasting marriage."

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