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Tsunami triggered off thoughts

Monday, December 27, 2004

What a fast fury tsunami that hit the asians country. Just have a curious question thought in my mind on the cause of the tsunami. Scientifically, it is caused by an earthquake in the sea base where the clashing of the earth plate causes the huge tidal wave. But on the other side, I just couldn't help thinking if it is some kind of punishment meted by God or Heaven to punish the sinful human lots.

In the novel, "Twelve Kingdom" that I am reading currently, the causes of natural disasters are attributed to the King failure to govern the country well. It is said that the King has lost the "way" and as such the God would send natural disasters as symptons and signs of a failuring kingdom.

This triggers my thought that losing your way/path doesn't necessary applies to the King itself. As a boss, you might not gain your colleagues or fellowship support due maybe too demanding, maybe no leadership quality or whatever reasons out there. As friend you might lose your friends trust, rapport or support.

Each of us will at some point in times feel lost and hoping to get a light or lift up to get back to the path. It is of course good that if you have a buddy beside you to encourage you, to motiviate and share the same goal. Then at times you would have to be independant and fight your way through the many obstacles and challenges posed ahead. Only by clearing all these obstacles and challenges you can prove yourself worthly!

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