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Xiamen Dec 11-20

Thursday, December 21, 2006

After unpacking and all the stuffs, it was 12 midnight exact from my trip back from Xiamen. At the same time I knew that this temp 2 month project that I have been slogging off on this project is coming to an end on my official note. Which then brings to another part of my thoughts, what's next? With 10 more days to end of 2006 here I am feeling that I am back to square one again.

One thing I am sure, this project is not the end, and it's just passing back the baton to the official parent. I have finished babysitting it and I felt that I have completed the most of what the vendor and I can with the tightest time that was given. With unclear communications and changes halfway through the project this is really not nice.

As for what's next, somehow I felt that I am lost and don't really know what I should inspire to do at the moment. Taking a stable job and have a decent pay cheque? Find something to settle down myself? Met with some nice Chinese friends on the vendor side. The other day I was mentioning to him if he has any contacts that do web/software development and he invited me to met his wife's colleague who does that kind of project. I am thinking of doing outsourcing model if possible as it will benefits both parties if possible.

At the same time I can really feel that setting up a business is really full of uncertainties, or is it that I can't manage the uncertainties at the moment?

When I am at Xiamen, 2 friends asked me if I missed the place? Strangely when you are there, I told them that I don't really missed it much but there be some thoughts of it there. And now when I am back, I started to miss some bits of Xiamen. From what I see, Xiamen is going to concentrating on developing it's city. As the best city in Fujian and inheritance of history facts, it definitely can be a good developed city as Shanghai or Beijing in time to come. The famous Xiamen University is one of the top 5 university in China, big campus it is, the walk that I took didn't even explore the whole place.

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  1. Blogger JY | December 22, 2006 12:37 PM |  

    i'm always lost...
    just floating aimlessly in the sea of life...

    no photos to share? :D

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