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To fly, we have to have resistance

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Last evening as I was on the way walking to the MRT station, I saw this physical challenged man wheeling himself to the MRT station as well. This thought came to mind initially... wah, he wheeled himself with his arms from the traffic light to the MRT station (about 200m or more) wouldn't his arm to tired? I remembered myself before when I do a certain repetitive exercise like lifting light weights above your head, after certain repetitive action you will feel your arm aching and refuse to hold as high as the first try.

Imagine if the wheeling action wheel him over like 0.5m, he will have to wheel like about 100 times for a 50m distance. This distance does not factor in roads that are not even, theres's a gentle up slope, and down slope for that road. And so my concerns is since this is just part of the journey, wouldn't his arm feel tired? Why does he take the effort to go take the public transport?

But the last question was immediately answered by my own second thoughts. Somethings in life maybe fair after all. You lose the ability in certain area, you gain some in other areas. In the example of the blind, most of them would develop a strong hearing capability. For his case, he might not be able to walk on his own, but I'm sure with his perservances and his pair of
strong arms he is able to overcome the distance factor.

Nearer to the MRT station, they have built this slope for the disabled, however it seems like the conviences of the rest to just walk up or down the slope passage way. When this gentleman came wheeling up the slope, the passage way was conjested, and mind you for him to wheel up it would take extra efforts to counter the difting down effects. Luckily a kind middle aged lady gave him a push up the slope to make his journey up the slope smoother.

In lieu of all this, the national day speech commented about making the nation a smoother road for the disabled. For this I am sure we can do more for this, not just by building slopes or lifts for them, everyone of us can just make small efforts like giving ways for them or like the lady giving the extra push/support for them.

Reflecting back in my memories, I remembered reading articles about Dr William Tan who was wheel chair bound but never gave up his goal to be a doctor when young. He took part in the various marathon and charity events to raise for the different organizations. Then there is this ex-colleauge that is in the company, I wonder how he is doing currently.

In ending, I like to take quotes to reminds myself or ourselfs of what difficulties is.

Richard Bach - "Every problem has a gift for you in its hands."
Epictetus quotes - "It is difficulties that show what men are"
Albert Einstein - "In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity."

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous | August 15, 2006 12:23 AM |  

    Another quote is "in crisis we see oppurtunity"

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    Another statement is "in emergency we see oppurtunity"

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