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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Lately not in a mood to write too much...perphaps obessed with my Chinese novel that is 42 epsidoes long that I be slowing reading it online. However I want to blog about the Army Half Marathon/Sheares Bridge Run that took place a week ago.

Early morning, Neo, Robin and GF and us were to meet at Raffles Place MRT station. As we will be running, I want to run light and so carried minimal stuffs. A simple pouch that contains couple of tens dollar notes and the ez-link card is what I brought to the run. However the main focus that I be discussing is on Mobile Phone.

The invasion of mobile phone seems a commonly useful device in our daily life. Anytime of the day or night, as long as the person have a mobile phone, you are just one call away from him. Especially running for appointment, the most common SMS or phone call receives will be "Sorry I be late for about xx mins..".

And so the few people of us on that day morning did not brought mobile phone to run. All of us turned up punctually! That was when I think to myself, if we were to do away with mobile phone, will we be able to return back to the old days where people are more punctual? Where people won't just take the excuse of "hey i b abit late, I meet you somewhere else" or "You go ahead first, I catch up with you"...etc.

But the thing about punctuality it comes from a person's consciencious. Mobile phone just bring about the convience of informing people about the unforeseen delay that makes them unable to turn up on time.

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