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Run, run and run

Friday, December 08, 2006

Alas it's december already. Started off december with the Singapore Marathon on 02 Dec 06, but I took part only in the 10km run. Looking back this year would be one of the year that I took part in many runs. 6km run for the Sheares Bridge Run, 10 km for the Terry Fox run and this 10km Singapore Marathon run. Next year hope to aim for the 21km, but need to train up for it. Always felt that my body after the run like badly dehydrated and crumpling after the run.

During the run, some thoughts come into my mind. Why do they organize such an event? It takes up a lot of time for planning, gather resources and sponsors, and yet there are many of such events. In one way, for the organizers and sponsors, they got their publicity/advertising brought to the public. The other benefits would be bringing an awareness to the public about maintaining a healthy lifestyle thru exercising.

With the Sheares Bridge Run/Army Half Marathon, I believed it's a good test for the SAF to test their capability to organize a non-military event. They have many strategics for battling on the fields, but an event for run with involvement from many different units, aids in testing the cooperations between the units, the batch of helpers (there will always be new/old batch doing). The last and not least it's the basic to enhance the friendliness image of military instead of the harsh image.

As for Terry Fox run, I do see involvements from many organizations like civil organization, overseas schools and private sector companies. Each contributes in it's own way. Schools have always been an active target for voluntary work, especially local school whereby the students need to accumulate a certain amount of CCA points for their voluntary works. However I find it will be an enriching event even if it's just helping out, to get out from the norm routine of textbook. For the Terry Fox run, they involved the Canadian School students to take part in the run or helpers.

It is really heart-warming to see many people running for a cause, and although ages catch up with man, there are elderly who endeavor to run, and their record timing is fantastic. Some of them definitely did better than the young men (like my bro) with an hour or above.

Oh yeah, this year adidas came out with the campaign for their shoe, giving away bibs to write and tag on to the runner's t-shirt. It's so funny reading some of the people writings on the tag. Hmm I just recall one of Adidas's banner liner at the event which goes like this - "Impossible is nothing".

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous | December 11, 2006 9:22 AM |  

    Don't know if you still remember Forest Gump. He runs for no reason in the film. Yet a lot of ppl thank him for inspiring them. Even though he doesn't even know what is he running for? WIth or without reason, it seems not really matter...

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