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Lazy Saturday

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Ah... a lazy Saturday...once more i am back to having lazy saturday. Some what no assignment to rush, got work to do but brush it all aside. :D

What did I do today? Nothing much really...what would you expect a lazy person to do hehe...actually was recovering from sickness on Wed, so didnt' want to do much strenenous stuffs. Now with more free weekends to come, I want to do something else more than this. Things on my thoughts to do:

To get fit.
Personally I feel myself a bit weak, quite prone to sickness...and so I want to get fit. Other than jogging once in a while I want to go gym. And the feeling of going gym alone is quite sian. Need to find ka kis to do common activities. Or maybe play an hour of badminton or tennis.

To pick up some activities?
What activities? i dont have any in mind at the moment. Maybe I shall go further my Jap. but not until next year then haha. Maybe some sport or cooking? Hmm...why cooking, so that I can have good food for my stomach wahaha...

Side line business
Another thought on my mind that I been trying to do is to do some kinda of side line small business, ie online shopping. And I don't have any idea of what to sell. Another area need to ponder and often get queued into KIV list...

Setup my own personal website or host some development area.
Another one of my overdue stuffs...why? I also dunno, just been too tired to diy it all by myself maybe.

And also anyone got good recommendation of any medication to keep down high blood pressure? Not for me but my aged parent, they are borderline cases. Abit worried though as with ages catching up, symptoms of illness and all those can just show up. Took mom to see doctor and found out this, however as the doctor was saying cause due to sickness the high blood pressure reading might not be accurate, and have take during normal health. Hopefully this is true.

Well well its going into 11pm as I write. Hopefully I can sleep better tonite, as I find myself getting abit of insomnia as well. Dunno well, maybe I have to redefine back a healthy life style to get back a good nite sleep?

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  1. Blogger JY | October 30, 2005 1:12 AM |  

    high blood pressure borderline then better control diet...

    my mum inital test got 11 wherelse normal ppl is around 7!!
    doctor ask her to go for another more round, more accurate one...

    hope all will be well....

    sometimes aging is so scary huh

  2. Blogger bitchrepublic | October 31, 2005 12:09 AM |  

    high blood is no joke, please take good care of yr moom and let her take it easy on everything.

    as for u, setting up online shopping or even web design, dont forget me!

  3. Anonymous Anonymous | October 31, 2005 7:10 PM |  

    you know those handy craft accessories...with beads and pearls..my sister made a lot...wanted to tap into that business area...and sell online wahha

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