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How do you want to live?

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Never been having the busiest moment of my live, switching myself between work, study and freelancing...Last sems for my course, doing my final year project, topic on hotel booking management system. Boy doing the research made me droop to go for another holiday...

Was happy for an ex-colleague friend of mine, she found a job. Last month she made a firm decision to leave her current company after staying for 2 years plus and not much prospects. With her new job, her job scope would be a bit different, but I am sure she would be able to handle it well in the civil sector.

Lately also noticed a habit in one of my close fren. He would sign off with a quote of life or so. However ironically to me it seems that the quote somehow doesn't match the personality that he portraits regardless of how the quote might be encouraging or positive. Somehow his negativeness is capturing my biasis judgement, however I do still reserves some fairness for the optimism of getting out of the shadows. Lately he seems to be avoiding a lot of people, or maybe he just like to hang around with new young teens or maybe just like to be alone, but this loneliness seems to hang very long.

I don't know if my words of advice would help, but ultimately he himself who tied the knot have to untie the knot heehee. Get past things that have past, memories serves as chapters in our life, create more happy chapters!

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