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Blog Marketing

Friday, September 15, 2006

Advertisement time hehe...thought it might be fun to help advertise a bit about friends' online stuffs... Here we go:

1) For the month of Mooncake Festival, brought by the sweet loving R. and GF, tasty mooncake from Eatery Palace for your tongue savoury! Try and munch the different Teochew style yummy yam mooncake! [Visit Store]

2) Anime collectibles for those avid fans of japan manga and anime. Carries a range of collectibles from past childhood characters to current popular item. [Visit Site]

It's good to be a girl, theme of an ex-colleague newly published blog selling hand made accessories. Going by the theme, of course it is for the ladies, then again, guys might want to check out and get something unique for your girlfriends? [Visit Store]

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