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Affinity or Coincidence?

Sunday, September 24, 2006

As the title goes, I really question the people that I met is purely by coincidence or is there a kind of affinity that is linking our paths to cross each over.

The course that I undertake in Polytechnic is a limited vacancy slots, even after four to five years, it still maintaining the same situation till they change the title. Me being in the first batch course student, many a few times I was enquired about if I know xxx student from the course...

Then in the many places that I worked or freelanced I encountered the following list.

DMSE - 1st batch: n x person from other classes (names that I heard but not familiar with them...)
DMSE - 2nd batch: 1 x person
DMSE - 3rd batch: not yet to meet one
DMSE - 4th batch: 1 x person
DMSE - 5th batch: 1 x person

So I'm surprise that with each batch of about two or three hundreds over students, I can chance upon one from each batch to even form a link.

Yo any 3rd batch DMSE student to help me form up the missing link?

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous | December 05, 2006 9:40 AM |  

    that's the so called 6 degree affinity


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