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Your purchasing decision

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Just curious to find out, what kinda of factors affects you to make decision to purchase an item or long term committment plan? Suppose that you are offered an investment opportunity and it cost let say about 10k, and you have to make the decision on the spot to accept or decline. The facts about the pros and cons are all layout on the desk clearly, and let say you got the financial stability, you can afford it. Would you take it up?

Reviewing myself, most of the time when I bought my insurance needs, it's all thru the recommendation of friends and advisors, which will be telling you how good this is and that. Of course I did do my research and comparison and ask around friend how this product is and that, but then if one day you are to make such a quick decision, and that you might missed the chance of the life if you reject it, how would you feel?

If I remember correctly, Creative CEO Mr Sim was reported in the
last week Zaobao on how he regretted the 3 seconds decision on a short and quick incident with his first love gal in his secondary school life that leads him to a bachelor still till today. Story goes like this...

In his secondary school, the principal was a strict man who lay the rules that the boys and girls shall not be in contact of each other. Thus in class, the boys and girls are seated separately, with a clear line of division. Except for the monitor and monitress they would exchange talks but only pertaining to school works.

At that time, the young CEO to be was in love and admiring one of the girl in his class, but due to the strict school rules and rule enforcing principal, he did not dare to get to know the girl. So one day, fate arranged a heavenly encounter for them. The young CEO to be was walking around the corridor and the girl was walking in the opposite direction carry a stacks of notes and papers. Suddenly a strong gust of wind blow, and scatter the notes and papers from the girl onto the ground. The young boy was stunned, and in his first second, he thought to himself, "Hmm...here comes my chance should I help her out and pick up the papers
...?" But the next second, the thought of the school principal and his disciplinary rules pulled him back from his first second act. Then in the third second, he decided that he should help, and when he look out, the girl has finished picking up the papers. She stared at him for a second and walk away, leaving the young CEO to be in a blank state of mind, and a regrettful moment in his life.

Thus morale of the story: Grab the opportunities in your life....
But my question here: how would you know what is really an opportunity? It seems so illustionary at times and some times tangible items with volatible risk...

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Taipei Part 2A

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Darn it, was writing half way of Day 3 when I accidentially click on back and OK and my whole draft was gone. Luckily I still got my first draft saved so you people who are requesting for the stories have to wait a bit...

Some photo for viewing, thanks to JY for his photo host...

Climbing the high seven stairs mountain at Yang Ming Shan

Ximen, out from the train station the big posters welcomes in your eyes!

Sun Yat Sen Museum - the Father of Chinese Revolutionary! See the magnificent statue and the guard, and try and guess if the guard is a real human or statue dummy :P

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Taipei - part 1

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Back for a quick post to commendate the Taipei Trip from 30 Jun - 04 Jul.

A pleasant and short trip amidst the busy busy schedule that everyone is facing...maybe it's not that a vocation break-away...

30 Jun
Onboard with SQ airline in the early morning to board the flight to taipei, reaching the destination ard 1pm. Took us a while to locate the hotel, and have a lesson learnt. Didn't realised that the hotel doesn't have a proper building name, but is a storey level managed hotel inside a shopping/commercial building. As what Hena would have concluded, it's like those 3 hours quickie hotel like the aka Hotel88 back at Singapore ahaha...

The afternoon was spent at Shilin market, walking around the streets of pasa malam and trying out local foods. Yummy yummy hao da da chicken cutlet, tou huei, and bubble tea. Evening was exploring the neighbourhood near our hotel, but the guys don't really like shopping went back hotel earlier. Or should say much ofthe shopping alley and all that are target to the gals!

01 Jul
Busy busy day! Went to Yang Ming Shan for mini-hiking! Climbing track, viewing mountain scenary and volcanco sprouting sulphur sights and all that, fun but most importantly the air is refreshing and cooling than what is compared hot and dry in the city.

Next we headed off to Long Shan Temple, one train station away from Ximen. Don't really know much of this temple, as there was a praying ceremony in progress, but took a quick walk inside the temple and praying to the gods. There got so many gods statue, and oh yeah, exam fort the taiwanese folks around the corner, got many students praying for good results.

By the time we went over to
Ximen it was past evening and night time liao. We were caught in a rain earlier and have long dinner at the Long Shan Temple vicinity. Ximen was fascinating was like the jap. Shibuya. It seems like a area designated for the youngsters to hang about. Another round of busy shopping, some toys, some shirt bought by ppl in the group, and bookstore I bought Jimmy's jigsaw puzzle sourvenir.

Part 2 to be continued for day 3 and 4, but won't be exciting as I got sicked...

** ps: thanks ms puurfect for the correction ^_^

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