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The great expectation - pay rise!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Heehee, the comment from ms sim in the earlier blog post reminds me of my interview with one of a gal who applied for a web developer position...The always interested question people ask is why are you thinking of changing job?

This gal reply's was so straight forward that she says, I want to get a higher paid salary as I have been getting the same 1.x salary for the past 3 years, even when she changed once. I was abit surprised to hear this, but I reminded her that with the increament in pay, there will always be a bigger responsibility or role that you have to do in your job. She doesn't seems to be aware of this when I highlight to her this, reason was this that she said in her previous job, many of the colleagues left until left with her. She couldn't stand with the long hours of work and no life for the past half a year, and decided to leave without any job offer. That is courageous of to do, but in anticipation for a higher pay, there would always be something more that you would expect out of your job, which can relate to this famous quote - "With great power comes great responsibilities" :P

Anyway, that was the summary of whats' her reason for a change of job. And coincidentially one of my friend was working in the company as that gal but different job function, was so tired and stress that she says sometimes she wish that she be relieved of some of the burden. And that she feels that if you get a raise, you would be expected to contribute more or carries more responsibilities...

That was one of the main thoughts that I shall the same view with her. Sometimes when you build such a good image or reputation of yourself, a small mistake might just takes away all from you, which sometimes having no expectation might be better. When you do not hope to expect something very good out of it and the satisfaction of getting it after that, it's a more much better a feeling...

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Do you get higher pay?

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Just read the evening newspapers, at the very last page, this article catches my attention!

"Good natured workers do not get higher paid salaries"

According to a survey taken in the United States, those good natured workers who helped to take additional job duties or relief colleagues' works may not be happy after all with the longer working hours and lesser pay. Then it quoted a film show (*i dunno from who*) that often this good-natured workers are sometime often good push overs or scaped goat so to say. That is why maybe instead of deserving a better salary for the extra mile worked, they might get lesser.

IMO, I think it is good to take on additional jobs or do extras, but when the point that people takes you for granted that you will always help them, that is a very bad cross-over. I don't like such people for they take you for granted, maybe just because that they are senior or due to role/position. Doing the extra miles must satisfy either personal happiness or should bring happiness to the group. Otherwise, I believed the extra miles might prove to become a burden in the long run where you don't get anything out of it.

I think this topic is rather conversationary, but due to the lack of time, maybe i talk more again next time then.

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The frustrated couped up man

Monday, April 18, 2005

A bit tied up last week, I think I shall write a bit here to fill up a bit of the blanks here...

Last tuesday, yup went back to the "OLD" office to meet with the flippant man. Yah, the guy that watever that he talks don't tally with what he has in the heart. Early in the morning, gives his stupid vent on us, saying nonsense stuffs like can give up don't do this project one...You are the one that start this and now you put on this crap stuffs here... Felt like giving him a punch to wake him up, after i told him to be more objective. If the US/UK counterpart don't have the answer, how are we supposed to get our answer for this here. After he vented out a bit on being "objective", he became more "cool".

Well I understand probably he isn't feeling that good after all, since he probably don't get much out of the merger...and have to stay couped in his cubicle being alone in the entire shophouse. At times to be joined by a freelancer, sometimes visitors like us dropped in to pay our visits haha...

Heard of news that he will eventually be going to the new place....sigh, i wonder if it's still a good place to stay on liao...hmm...maybe i should just start looking around, since more or less my targeted project is almost done.

Well who cares, let me try out a month or so before determining it's good or bad. My policy is that unless you don't give yourself a chance to experience things, you won't know how good or bad things might be.

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My aunt gave us a fright last sunday evening. Was doing my assignment half way when suddenly my cousin called to say that her mom came back home from hospital with my younger aunt. Her mom wasn't feeling well and she told me that she seems to be in a daze state that she couldn't recognized her own home! Even sprouted some weird talks about maybe being possessed by some spirits and stuffs...which after I hear, I pass the phone to my father. I'm not the man to be exorcist or such, let the elders handle such.

No matter how distance my father and aunt may seems to be, or even bickered each other at sights, the care for siblings in times of needs would always show up. I joined my father to took a cab to their place to check things out.

After we reached, the condition was more stabled down, but from my cousins it seems scary moments before we arrived. It sounds like those symptons that you watch in the show how a person get possessed and start sprouting things or talking and when you called them she wouldn't responsed. They tried all sort of ways to hold her down, pinched, clamped her fingers, and eventually woke her up.

At least when my father and I arrived, she is able to recognized us! She mentioned that she suspected that our grandma and her in-law grandma prob. don't like her and got into her? To me I dismissed it to that she think and worried too much about some of the stuffs. Knowing her family situation and stuffs, my utmost comfortation is to tell her not to think too much. It's another long story of it's own, which relating here may not be interesting. Oh well, like the chinese phase, every house has it's own problems, so what I can do only is to help them in ways of my limitation.

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Split me up!

A few days ago, my nick on MSN is like tis - "yew ~ spilt me up!".

I think it freak a few people out, thinking that I am having some kinda of trouble thoughts or problem. There's a few MSN pop-ups from friends around asking me if I am alrite. Hereby a big thanks to all those pop-in to show their concern. Makes me feel so fortunate to have you people out there heehee ^_^

Well at the point of time, I was feeling stretch by work and also my assignments. I think mainly by this stupid project at work. As the usual last minute stuffs, but thank god, i have my stuffs ready up liao hehe. Then this thought that cames to my mind, hey how good were it be if I can split myself up into two, won't it be so effective, I can do both jobs at the same time.

Then this evil side of me comes to tell me, hmm...if i can split myself up, how about selectively split your personality. That is, I have one part of myself split up to wrech havoc and being evil whaha...imagine you have all those bottled feelings and thoughts that you have and that you so nicey nice that you don't want to say or show it out, let this devil image vent it all out. It be so nice haha... Then, there is this goody good personality where you just like to treat everyone nice.

Or maybe you have many personality that you would want to split into, such that the you can play yourself more truefully. Then one day all of thse gathered again to form yourself back, and hopefully you yourself knows what you really behaves and wants!

Hmm...sounds like I'm having a ficitious thought at mind here, ya sometimes i just like to have my mind roam around, its' good to have an imaginative mind!

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Monday, April 11, 2005

some fun playing with chinese poem liners ^_^

=> 守得云开见明月!

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Messy Messy...

It's been a long while that I haven't update my blog...

Haven't got the mood to write as it been messy everywhere...

Messy in my life, as I do not know what I really want to do for in my career. Theres' a vague objective - to be a business solution manager/developer, but with the things that I am doing or the company that I am in, I really wonder if I can get to there.

Messy in my work place - merger/acquisition or what, the shifting around and such making things messy messy...and not to mention the fact that while moving still have to do project meeting deadline.

Couples of happenings with the so called merging...in the begining it was presented as a merger, yet when the details to transfer ownership of services, it was mentioned "group hire of staffs". I think it's about time for the truth to be out, I am sure there is a skeleton in one of the closet.

It's been rather touchy on these issues and at one time it's a bitch about the boundary drawing clearing who's working for who. Since he's the one who initiated the deal, I think it's fair that the deals is closed up properly even if he might not be joining over. Who's knows maybe not tomorrow, but the day after?

Last of my hopes is not to forget my leaves!

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April fool joke

Friday, April 01, 2005

It seems an April Fool's day joke. A day where I sign a new letter of job offer, and a day where I tender my resignation letter at the same time. And all this is being arranged for by the merger. For once I feel like being some kind of commodity or asset where we are being traded around. Yes I may choose not to accept but it reflects badly on the company and so I signed. Furthermore, it is to my advantage that my notice period is cut short to a week!

And so it became sort of my last day to work around in Raffles Place area. And so I have to try out the new environment and new concept and then giving myself a chance to see if it's happening. If not 1 week notice, the exit seems nearer to me than any unexpected entries!

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