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The great expectation - pay rise!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Heehee, the comment from ms sim in the earlier blog post reminds me of my interview with one of a gal who applied for a web developer position...The always interested question people ask is why are you thinking of changing job?

This gal reply's was so straight forward that she says, I want to get a higher paid salary as I have been getting the same 1.x salary for the past 3 years, even when she changed once. I was abit surprised to hear this, but I reminded her that with the increament in pay, there will always be a bigger responsibility or role that you have to do in your job. She doesn't seems to be aware of this when I highlight to her this, reason was this that she said in her previous job, many of the colleagues left until left with her. She couldn't stand with the long hours of work and no life for the past half a year, and decided to leave without any job offer. That is courageous of to do, but in anticipation for a higher pay, there would always be something more that you would expect out of your job, which can relate to this famous quote - "With great power comes great responsibilities" :P

Anyway, that was the summary of whats' her reason for a change of job. And coincidentially one of my friend was working in the company as that gal but different job function, was so tired and stress that she says sometimes she wish that she be relieved of some of the burden. And that she feels that if you get a raise, you would be expected to contribute more or carries more responsibilities...

That was one of the main thoughts that I shall the same view with her. Sometimes when you build such a good image or reputation of yourself, a small mistake might just takes away all from you, which sometimes having no expectation might be better. When you do not hope to expect something very good out of it and the satisfaction of getting it after that, it's a more much better a feeling...

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  1. Blogger 365 candles | April 30, 2005 12:59 AM |  

    yah...so stress...
    especially when others keep saying..oh u so nice.and a nice person...
    hear liao also stress...ma chiam cannot make mistake like that....

    then if u want to take a rest for a while...ppl will say you change liao...
    so i rather my friends do not say anything nice of me...

  2. Blogger bitchrepublic | May 11, 2005 11:34 PM |  

    when u earn more, u definately deal with more responsiblities. but having more money doesn't really make u that happy.

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