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Ironic March 2005

Thursday, March 31, 2005

"Just hang on to it first...till u found one, otherwise u might not know when u get another one"

"Ppl always says tat, but i wonder if it's really tat good... sometimes giving up or taking a step back might be a better choice to see the far..."

Why do human like to clinch on thing and that until u find a replacement, otherwise you wouldn't let go of it? Is it really that difficult to let go? Or the daunting challenge of having to find a satisfactory employment is that difficult? This month - March 2005, it's been full of unforgetable activities. Kicking off with the month with resignations, and ending the month with retrenchments due to merger...what a ironic way to start and end the month.

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Schooling memories on a rainy day

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Got an email on memories of common childhood for babies from the 70's and 80's. There will be many items that we would recognised and admitt that it's a common shared entity. One of the memory of which I find particularly attached and will never forget about it, which is:-

Item 34: You went to school in slippers and a raincoat when it rained, and you find a dry spot in the school to sit down, dry your feet, and wear your dry and warm socks and shoes.

Yup, in order to reach my primary school with the shortest route, there would be this big grass field (size of one soccer field long) that I have to cut across to reach. There isn't any cemented road path, the only path was the old dirt track that many have taken and flatten the grass wouldn't be able to grow. As such on rainy days, this path would be muddy and wet. Could even see earthworms crawling out of the field at the basketball court wriggling to catch some breath. The above memory truely fits as on days where it rained, I would put on slippers to reach school and once reach school, I would then wear on the shoe.

Alternatively I can also cut across the vocational institute (currently known as ITE) beside my primary school to avoid dirtying my shoe. But sometimes they would not open the back gate to our school, and so we have to go by the side gate which also have to cross through another dirt path. I also remember the "bridge" which is juz a wooden plank that is placed across the wide drain at the VI, and that at one time, there can only be one person moving across.

Also not to forget the HDB flat beside my school is a gentle slope, and there is a sloping drain. After the rain, there will be the rain water flushing down, making like the waterfall effect from the flights of stair on the drain. Not only during raining days I can see that, on days where the cleaner wash the HDB corridor, the amount of water used can also create the waterfall effect. It would be enjoyable to stand on the stair and enjoy the water rushing down your legs.

Schooling on a rainy day seems advantegous, with what an unforgetable memory.

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The thief who stole my father plant...

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I hate thieves...can't believe actually a thief would want to steal my father's plant. Such a big pot of shui liu plant the thief actually bothered to carry it away. Last week before I went out I just noticed the flowers juz blossom and with a nice bloom. Haven't even have to chance to view the nice scene and this stupid thief steal the scene away. Curse that stupid thief, hope he will have his offence caught behind bar one day.

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Lazy Sunday

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Nothing beats a lazy sunday hehe...

The usual timing that I always wake up close to 9am (was rather late compared to my early 8am :O). Would always read the ZaoBao newspaper especially the weekends section. The readings would normally takes away my half an hour to an hour time. Oh yeah and also I have a new subscription to add on reading - Time Asia magazine! If time permits, I would always read bits and pieces here and there, find it somewhat informative especially about the happening around the world that I am blind to...

Today I attain another record of mine! Can't believe that I could swim 20 laps at the pool today, of course with interval rest in between. But still I find it a small achievement! I could remember that I don't like to swim especially feeling helpless in the water. But fate deem that I have to pass a swimming test to be able to continue on my a bit more comfortable NS life. During the learning time, I have a good fren whereby we tried learn ing swimming by ourself. From the small step to swimming by the side, we continue on to take on the middle of the pool and be confident to swim in it.

I really like swimming, coz it helps me relax down and slow down everything. Especially in the water, I can swim, but I'm not that fast a swimmer. Although I maybe slow in reaching the other end of the pool, I make it a point that I never gave up to reach the end. Being slow in the water also has this advantage of taking away any rush madness that is with me. With this mad society revolving fast around, sometimes I would just like to slow down a bit to catch a breather. That's why in the pool although slow I am, but it's my enjoyment of passing time away. Of course not to forget I also like to enjoy sun tanning a bit of my time away. Be it in the water or at the beach chair, the sun warm can bring about the dullness in you!

What a sunday that I have, and hopefully I can also maintain it as such again next week.

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What key signature are you?

Saturday, March 12, 2005

A major - you love to live life to the full. You
have a vibrant social life and are not afraid
to take life as it comes. You are content,
bright and often spontaneous.

what key signature are you?
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Part ONE: NS memories - The GOOD

The one day in camp has reminded me of how I endured my ways through my 2.5 years of NS. Being in the air force, I always hate it when mindless people pass remarks that "oh you in air force, life is relaxing hor". Yah, you think army is tough, actually it's more of the tough physical training that you have there.

Going back through my memory lane, some bits and piece of mixed expressions of good and frustrated moments came passing by my mind.

During my training phase, it's like a time of stress and pressure, especially having to work with certain people...and there was few incidents that I was deeply demoralized. Once, this ST technician saw what the down side of me and gave some encouraging words to chat with. Those words although common, but it's like thrust of encouragement that puts you back on to the fighting ground. I certainly remembered this friendly technician and sometimes when I'm back in camp and when we saw each other we would certainly say hi's or have a little chat.

Another person which also earned my respect is my leader during my NS time. At the age of 50 over, this encik is definitely enuthastic on his work and always do his duty with deem worth of work. While other feels that it does not requires to give attention or review the work, he would do so to correct shortcomings or improve the work to make life easier. Further to this is his spirit in learning, he continues to tackle the computer and uses Office tools to do report. Of course when encountered with problems he would ask us for help but he will tries to remember and learn the stuffs. Last but not least is probably his fatherly nature that all of us give him his due respect and becoz of him, my batch glitched away the high possibly of being posted out of this unit!

And there were those appreciations of help from the other officers, where you would not feel them to be your superiors. Give them the respect in due in the job, while outside work hours you could mix around with them.

Least not forgetting my course mates, for the times that we enjoyed the company of each other, a rare combination mix of the good, the beng and the slacker haha. Or I should also say thanks to this combination, sometimes it balanced out quite well in certain area, at least we are not one to be easily trumpled down.

For one, I believed that NS for guys is a robbery of time, imagine you are about 2 years behind your female counterparts in the society rat race. 2 years behind offset back you in study, or career. And time is something that is once gone, will nvr be replaced. But for the guys out there in NSF, most importantly is how fruitful have you spent your 2 years in your unit.

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Suicide Karma

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Last nite newspaper reported a case of family suicide, whereby a family of 4 all were found dead. The father committed suicide by jumping off the flat which lead to discover his remaining family members lying dead in the room. Shall not describe further on the details on how they died.

The main reason I am writing about this is that I wanna focus on talking how precious life is. At the expense of one person who might becoz of some reason, ie: own debt due to stock exchange, gamble bet..., caused the whole family to die together is an irresponsible act. Being inidividual, if we have the ability to live the way how we want, how could you take away the rights of others. Especially with the innocent children, they don't even have the chance to grow up and make for their own decision. If it happens that the life is lost due to accident, it is more smoothing to hear than to ask a whole family to go on a never turn back road.

I always believed that no matter what kind of problem faced there will be a solution to it. Be it that the solution is very minimal to help out, but at least it is not a desperate way out to seek death. Death can may seems a quick and swift way to end matters, but please consider really is this the best option? What about those that you left behind? Would you burden your wife, parent or family members with unforgetable sad departure memories or even unpaid debts? Think about it, death by suicide is not an answerable solution.
In buddhism, suicide is seen as morally wrong and will result in negative karma consequences!

Anyway, coming back to the point, my objective here is to let you know that life is precious!

ps: i also mean other forms of life hor... :P

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Job Displeasure

Monday, March 07, 2005

Can't help feeling this low morale in myself the more that I stayed on with this job of mine at this company. It reaching nine months, and coming June will be a year. During my stay, I learn somethings and also lose some. But most importantly at this point of time, I truly felt that I need to step out of this zone, and get into a more dynamic one. One that would bring me hope, motivation to work!

In your job, have you ever considered what you want to do and what you like to achieved? To some, it might be just a normal daily nine to five job to earn their monthly salary. This are the blindest heads that just work for the sake of living in this society. Cruel? I'm just stating the fact here.

As for myself here, I need to get to work on something that I like, or at least if I don't like it, the challenge will spur my motivational cells to achieve and complete something more rewarding. I personally feels that if you doing a job, might as well do the job with a goal, or at least like what you are doing! In that sense you either learn something new from it or gain a bit of satisfaction of happiness with it!

The current environment I am in is full of mess, and do I see the light out of the tunnel? Unfortunately I think this is one of the darkest, brimmest tunnel I ever seen. In the previous company, although it have went into a deep trench somehow, I feel that it will survive. But this current one, no sense of direction. If there is, there is lack of leadership, communication, and managing of projects. And the greatest enemy of all is the arrogance of the leader. Please wake up your idea, those jobs are done in UK, and what we did here - yah, take their source (since it's an alliance, naturally share the work lah), amend, edit, localize and then publish. Is there any decent work produced here, in the past 1-2 years, unfortunately not.

Yup it's time to move on now, and i shall be contining my quest for the next challenge, hopefully I can get out of this tunnel by April!

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Leaving - "SURVIVAL" sequel 2

Friday, March 04, 2005

Put this to your mind at first read:
Within 3 days apart, the only 3 designers in the company tendered their resignation w/o securing a job.

First thing in your mind, what do you think goes wrong that the people want to leave?
a) Got better offer?
b) Bad working environment?
c) Bad boss or supervisor?

Have you chosen an answer? To know the answer, continue to read the post below and you will imagine out the answer!

Yup the counter has risen till show hand, with the individual heading for their own direction! The hokkien has this saying - when the tree fallen, the monkeys each runs in their direction. Yes indeed, it came about true in this situation.

I like to observe human behavior. In a group, there will always be a social cohesion. This bond that gel each other together in alike mindset or working together yet each for their personal aim. In a book that i have read before, one should never treat people as a mean to an end itself, but treat individual as an end to the mean. Employee worked their time for a paid salary to earn a living, whereas the employer requires the employee's work to get their stuff done. Employer shouldn't treat their subordinate that "yes, I paid you this salary, you must do this amount of work that is to my satisfaction to earn your deserved". It should be a mutual exclusive understanding that this is a trade off dependent for each other. No ones own each other anything in a sense.

Today the episode of the "survival" in the company let me see how immature the way things were being handled. Being a boss, he should be more tactful in handling things and not jump the gun to nonsense conclusion. Yesterday the domino effect exit plan was delayed till this afternoon. Another 2 exit doors were opened. The afternoon started off with a chat, and in the end became a fury fuse circuit shortage. The last exit chat was a short one, perhaps he just don't want another pointless discussion any more.

In the first situation, imagine you are having a nice talk and that you are being offered a higher post of replacing the personnel who has left asking you to hang around some more while the man look for a replacement. Of course the quitter understands that it is pointless staying ard as he expects the same shyt to happen again. Then suddenly the man can jump the gun to say he can sue you for breaching some undefined laws and suspect that you are in a conspiracy with the rest trying to destroy something. :S

Then in the following conservation sparkled to involve irrelevant personnel, calling the tendered lead to come down and trying to push the blame to him for not assigning the correct job to the quitter. This to me is that he is showing off his power and authority! One thing that I learned is that before you blame other first, please start to take a look at yourself and see if you also do the same mistake. If you are brave enough, admit that it’s your mistake and not push the blame around.

Of course being the boss, they will tend to have some ego, or thinks that they have this special quality that is one cut above the norm. We know and respect that you are the boss, but remember that respect is being earned by how you lead, and not your orders. Yes, you demonstrated that you can give orders to junior staff, but that doesn't prove that you are being a rational person. (Another scene calling xxx to come in for 2 question of yes/no and xxx leaves...)

If I am a rational and smart boss, instead of conjesting fantasy and fictious irrational blames, I would sincerely ask the personnel who leave what is wrong and take the opportunity to understand and correct stuff and not act as the above. That is if I am the boss.

Well this today one drama is a good live show hehe...in a society that we all live in now, we all are judge by our actions that we lived in. Like it or not, you may be a king or emperor, but if you behave like a child, you will not earn the respect of your citizen. Even the smallest behavior that you have in school can brand you as a bad child. What more, if the boss can brand you as inefficient worker, the worker can also do the same back as tagging him as mindless leader. What that is done one way in the past is not going to be the same in this 21st century.

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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

While we have amazing race and survival series on tv, what I have on show is more real life and more interesting to watch hehe. Yup, today another counter went up and a person volunteering take the exit out. Why, coz we all noe why, shall not list it down coz it might cause some distression. HEHE, theres' more to see in this show I am watching, yup another continual sequel coming up tomorrow! LIFE is so "interesting" :P

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Evil, evilness!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Evil - hehe, do you feel sometimes being evil? Sometimes I feel that I am being evil and mean. But as much as being evil, I feel that it is doing evil in good sense. Everybody maybe like playing the goodie angel role, and may not like playing the bad guy. But sometimes to balance up the scale, I feel that being evil is necessary. It helps to take away unnecessary stuffs.

Today in an action I did, I feel that I am being evil - but I have to do that to maintain the process in place. Ever since so many people left the company, there isn't any proper process or work flow in place. I understand one of the personnel is rather fresh, but that doesn't mean that there isn't a proper working order. Hope he will understand.

I don't know if evilness runs in just me or everyone else. But I do believe that as long as you are human there be a strand of evil in your heart. Maybe it's just being suppressed, and that's good so as not to cause harm. Evil needs to be countered so as not to harm. I hope it's not too mean of me here, but I have this belief that as long as I know what I am doing, I shall pursue it with my mind and heart!

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