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A new year, a new HOPE

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year 2005!!!

Glancing back upon year 2004, it has been a rather devastating and disastrous year. The world was plagued by bird flu, earth quake, tsunami and terrorist attacks. An interesting event held in Japan is that every year end, they would get people to vote for a word to summarize the whole year. The word that has won the most votes and was officially declared was disaster, "". Indeed it was a wise word chosen as we see the closing of the year with earthquake and tsunami. Note that the word was chosen way weeks before Christmas and the earthquake.

Now moving forward into 2005, I personally hope that the world would be in a better shape. With a new year most of us would actually set new year resolutions. Personally I don't believed in that and don't really set for new year resolutions. Currently my only resolution that has been stalked over was to finish my part-time bachelor course this year end!

Perhaps if time permits me at the end of this year, I wish to pursue on my Japanese Studies, to continue on obtaining JLPT 3 if possible. But before that I have revise back what I have learn as I have long time out of touch with Japanese language. This also reminded me that I have an urge to take the Chinese Proficiency Test to gauge my Chinese standard.

Hmm...this seems to me to summarize my resolutions for year 2005...And not forgetting that I would want to exercise more, now that Geyland East swimming pool has re-opened, there is no more reason for me not to swim more.

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