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the natural ordinary of LIFE

Friday, January 07, 2005

I enjoy the natural ordinary of LIFE.

Each of our day many things happens and pass by us, take a moment of awareness to open up your senses and be marvelled by the beauty in ordinary activities. On the way home, as I pass by the community centre on Friday evening, I would be able to hear the echos of the training voices of karake or tae kwan do lessons. The echoes of the training roars, may sound fierce, but in each voice feel the firmness in taking each stance.

At the basketball court there would always be the sounds of the balls thumping away. As I watch the young players pitching against each other, or even practising their skill, I cheered for them in my heart for the beautiful goals that pass through the net. These are some of the ordinary activities that surrounds us...

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous | January 10, 2005 1:23 AM |  

    it is a really nice feeling to slow down your pace and appericiate things that are happening around you..it is quite sad that most people are so busy till the extent they do not have the chance to get in touch of the beautiful stuffs that are around them all the time

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