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2007 record breakers

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Year 2007 I have set a few records, here are some listing.

- visited more countries (NS days not counted)
- stayed more days oversea (you know where) than in singapore
- all time breakers in entire life at night spots
- view the first ever gaming tournament live, and have dinner and took photo with star gamers
- write emails in Chinese, altot much still in English still
- trip to USA, Santa Monica
- ate mostly bread/buns for breakfast, i miss my hometown breakfast varieties :P
- japanese meal either for lunch or dinner
- foot massage, how can i forget this (added 23/11)

Night spots, got to clarify that I don't go there to drink and I still don't really enjoy or like those joints, mainly due to the loud music and smoky environment. However job nature the client is in the liquer industry and we are doing the digital implementations for them I have to be on ground during those days and went out to observe some others....For those who like pubbing probably will like this job, but I am tired and weared out by those late nights...

Bread/buns for breakfast, I am easy with breakfast. When in Singapore, Dad will always wake up early to go have his breakfast and thus take back goodies SG breakfast for us. This one thing I miss, of course there are Chinese breakfast here but most of time I stock up bread the night before. I just don't like going out on empty stomach. Sometimes on weekend I will then make trips to McDonald for the Big Breakfast or Egg Muffin.

Japanese food - why? Cause of all selections they are the healthiest, less oily and salts. The people here have a preference to eat food with a sweet tooth. However I think we are now more health conscious thus we have begin to scale down our taste bud to have less favor and yet tasty food. Singapore food is readily available at reasonable price once in a week or so will visit SG restaurants to have good home food.


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  1. Blogger L. | January 23, 2008 3:11 PM |  

    Looks like u really had a happening 2007!

    come back quick and we can go for REAL local food.

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