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Lecture Room

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The early week of Oct I been reading this 2 books from the Chinese show - Lecture Room (百家讲坛). Was flipping thru the TV channels in Late September and found a Fudan professor giving a lecture on the Journey to the West, the actual account of the walks of tripitaka from China to India.

Interesting to see how he dared to venture out of China to pursue his dream of obtaining the real sutra of Buddha. At the time, the Tang Dynasty was just founded and there is a law in place that restricts all citizens to travel out of China.

A comparision of his characteristics against the historical fact book Journey to the West shows that he is more courage and witty than what is portrait in the novel. In the novel he has to rely on his mighty disciplices to overcome dangers and demons. While in his records, we see that he is very faithful to his religion and after numerous encounters with bandit, he knows how to handle them well.

Other book that I am reading is this "品三国", bought the first part of the book last year but leaving it on the shelf until like this month read finish the first book. Got the second book but comparing to the first book, I am reading it slowly. Interesting disection of the three kingdom account and how some of the facts are not real in the novel. Example are the empty city besiege, they were debating that it cannot be real based on few reason, one mainly being Sima Yi was in Jinzhou as the governor at the time.

I like the way he analyse it clearing that there are always 3 version of stories passed down...
1) Historical record are not always true, it is based on people's writing perception.
2) Literature adaption, purely for drama, filming purpose so that it looks nicer.
3) Rumors among the citizen, thus making it hard to trace the accuracy.

Like the 3rd one, in spreading of Buddhism, Guan Yin was the wrong translation from the original language. Tripitaka wants to correct it but as it has been the commoner recognised and tongue, it's very hard to correct it once it has been out. Other reason being since it's a practice of religion, it doesn't matter if it's correct as long as you hold true to your faith.

Nowadays been playing games rather than blogging, but hope to write at least one article per month if not so...

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  1. Blogger JY | November 10, 2007 9:23 PM |  

    one per month?!
    Are you serious??
    You must be kidding!!

    That's too little!! hehe

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