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Nanjing Trip Recap

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Went along with a pal to Nanjing during the New Year and was wanting to write and post photos up for a while le, but haven't got a chance to settle down. Even now, here's a short brief of it :)

Nanjing Trip Itineary - Here goes.

Day 1 :-
12pm: Train from Shanghai to Nanjing, reach NJ around 2.30pm
2.30pm: From train station take the MRT to hotel, check in.
3.30pm: Tour around the outskirt of Xuanwu Lake, just nice walk down to a temple
5pm++: Jimingsi Temple (鸡鸣寺), in time for a prayer/offering for a start of the year!
6pm+: Proceed to Qinhuai River, visited Confucious Temple, Wuyi Alley, Qinhuai River. Too cold to take the boat but since CNY is around the corner great festive spirit of lanterns
7.30pm+: Dinner @ Qinhuai River and proceed back to hotel for rest
11pm: Got rallied to visit the pub bar street called 1912. Restored place from the old western residence style, nice alley. Drink to head spinning and left back for zzzz.

Day 2:-
11am: Late morning start up, decided to visit the Ming Emperor Tomb and Zhongshan Ling (Resting place of Father of China Sun Yatsen)
12.30pm: From public transport reach Ming Emperor Tomb, bought join ticket to visit both places. Fatal mistake not to have lunch in the city since this outskirt hill doesn't offer lunch canteen :(
1pm: Started the trip to explore Ming Emperor Tomb, huge place!
3pm: Proceed to explore Zhongshan Ling. 392 steps to climb to reach to the top to view the resting place of Father of China. That's a 20 storey high building equavilent, omg!
4pm: Down the steps, unfortunately lost my tickets, cannot proceed to visit the other tourist spots and pagoda temple on the same spot :(
5pm: Take public tourist bus to visit the President House, unfortunately it's closing hour now! Argh. Rest & break around 1912.
6pm: Dinner at Xinjiekou, shopping heart of Nanjing.
9pm: Rest relax @ hotel, too tired.

Day 3:
11am: Late start again - brunch at Xinjiekou.
1pm: Visited the President residence, this time it's open. It's also home to many office in olden days - 江南两江总督,太平天国emperor palace...
3pm: Teak break time, weather on 3rd day was colder and gloomy than first 2 dayss.
4.30pm: Foot massage and there after ready to take train back SH.

Trip photo view here

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Happy 牛 Year!

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Let's welcome the bull!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

As the ox years come nearer, I am also closer to going home!

However with this year reading the news around bring gloomy news of economic recession, export contraction...Although I am oversea working the news that I read of SG having -5 to -2% GDP growth is not positive at all. But one thing I am for sure is that we will be able to turn negative to positive in a shorter time.

United we stand we should be able to tide over such dull session as what we have been doing before.

Early wish for a Happy Chinese New Year! May the bull brings us all a bright & prosperous year ahead!

* will post my Nanjing trip photos up when I am back in SG.

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