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'Meh' enters English dictionary

Monday, November 17, 2008

LONDON - 'MEH", a word which indicates a lack of interest or enthusiasm, became the latest addition to the Collins English Dictionary on Monday.

The word, which beat hundreds of other suggestions from members of the public, will feature in the 30th anniversary edition of the dictionary, which is to be published next year.

Though the word apparently originates from North America, Collins said it was now widely used on the Internet, and was increasingly seen in British spoken English. [More...]

Isn't it because sg use more?

I guess from now on, it's common to use 'meh'?

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Giant Drop

Friday, November 14, 2008

Colleague going to visit Australia around end of the month. Australia always remind me of my little fortunate trip that I have from my NS time. And while introducing the different places at Gold Coast, the three worlds immediately came to my thought. Of course the most notorious ride of all - the Giant Drop still never fails to wipe out from my memory.

Free fall time is 5 seconds.
The cruise to the top takes approximately 90 seconds.
Falling 120 metres is the equivalent of falling from a 39-storey building.

Based on the above, I can't believed that I did this ride before. The 5 second drop has been the most thrilling ride that I ever have - after it stopped on the ground, I still remember I haven't shake off the dropping experience. On top, I have a bird eyes view of the city, the tallest buildings are under my feet!

Comparing now and then I think if I will to go and select a theme park now I will want to visit the Sea World and see the dolphins and fishes. While they also have those rides, I do not think they will be that wild and fearless as compared to the Dream World. The last that I tried these rides at Suzhou amusement park I started to wonder if age have already catch up...

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Real Life Pickpocket Scene

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Pickpockets - I finally seen the Xinjiang thieves in action last Saturday when I am walking towards the train station. Facing directing the Ah Yi (aunty) who was cycling in her bicycle with her handbag hanging by her hip near to the side of the road, it invited 2 Xinjiang thieves to sneak behind her. This one young chap 20+ sneak quietly behind her bicycle and went to start unzipping her handbag quietly. I was like wow, this act happening live in front of my eyes and wondering if I should give hint or what to the Ah Yi.

Another thought comes to me that if I hint in very obvious way, I might then be inviting myself for a bash by these 2 Xinjiang-ers and that from colleagues stories there might be some more ambushing in the background. Such hard act - to hint or keep quiet...

It didn't take long for a decision to happen. For the Ah Yi find something unusual and turn her head around (maybe it's me staring too long to the guy direction) and then started to ask "hey what you doing". Think she still haven't realised the whole situation yet. Seeing that the act kind of failed the Xinjiang-er like couldn't do much while the Ah Yi quickly cycle off. As for me I also quickly dash across the road seeing that the road is empty. In any case they might want to blame me if things failed I still have the traffic as a hurdle.

Thereafter I didn't turn my back to see as it might invite them to think further or what, so I continue to walk as usual for the next 100m till outside of KFC. There I stopped and pretend to wait for friend while scouting their image to see if they will still be lingering around. And obviously the answer is yes, they continued to prey for their next victims...sigh. Therafter I went off to meet my friend for lunch.

Xinjiang-ers nothing much good reputations about them throughout the cities of China. The local have marked them like this -> either they are satay stick sellers by the road (something decent) or they are pickpocket! Pickpocket wise can be as young as small boys of seven or eight years old. According to the locals, the police can't really do much about them. At most they will send them back when they are caught red-handed as there is a law protection against this "minority" group. Such halo protection, I wonder if it do more good or harm since their reputation has much been tarnish by pickpocketing...

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