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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Yesterday went for 拔罐! First time that I tried this method of reliefing my cold qi inside my body. Have been having cold and nose block for a long while, and saw another colleague who had even worse nose block got better the next weekend when she went for this method. So miraclely I thought to myself and decided to give it a try.

The whole process was short like 15 minutes and wasn't painful. When the cup was on the body it feels like having a vaccum suck onto your body. During the process I can really feel some of the cold qi out of my body, especially my one sided nose block got cleared off immediately after the process completed. That night I have the most wonderful sleep, as all the previous nights are plagued by the nose block.

The only post-threatment effects is that you got this cup marks on your body. If the mark is extreme purplish, that means you have intense cold qi in your body while extreme red means you are heaty. I have purplish mark with 1-2 extreme purple mark on my left shoulder and middle of back. A week after the treatment, I am now recovering from this very tradditional healing process.

This week has been an hectic weeks with friends who came in and out and also our design interns from TP went back. Write about them another time.

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