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Trying to make a sense

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Life changed a bit after thew office have a shuffling action in early July. But other than that life is still normal, getting on with the new people, new management...don't feel like and not much to blog on that especially.

Feel like blogging but today the mind is just blank. The wind outside is strong due to the effects of the typhoon storm outside the coast of South China Sea. At least it's bringing breeze to the hot summer here in Shanghai. Never seen a real typhoon, and sometimes I do wonder if there will be a typhoon in the path to Shanghai or near Shanghai, that be scary...

Things that I want to do most of the time I am half-heart to do. Thoughts triggering me that I should do this and that but action wise still have to persuade myself more to it.
- plan for trip, hoping for monthly one trip out of shanghai
- plan for longer trip to outskirts of China: Beijing, Xian, Sichuan, etc...

BTW, security sucks, they are so tight at everywhere now in China...

This piece of words is like muttering nonsense, pardon me for this morning...


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Red Cliff

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Yah hands up for Red Cliff! Can't wait for part two!

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Life grouch...

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I'm going GYM.
I've went GYM twice, once per week over the last 2 weeks.
It's been probably like about 3 years since that I visited GYM.

Tried light weights around all the stations, body muscle all aching now.
Still like the track mill, the auto set 5km run is still my favourite.
5km run initially covered around 42mins ...
second try to cover around 37 mins.
I'm loving running!

Summer is here, heat is burning and that acne is spurring like volcano...
Keep saying to myself it be another 6 months before I packed and leave Shanghai in the winter.
Keep telling myself that I have broaden and engage with people
but then sometimes it's just so tiring to everyday meet up with people.

Lease expiring, landlord is kind yet calculative...
Should I look for another place with half year lease or just stay on
Grew to like my tiny place, yet the resident watching eyes at the gate are just horrifying...

I thought I knew the world well enough, but I was wrong.
People of all sorts, really amuse and surprise me on the things that they do.
Solutions are not all perfect thus leading to people succumbing to quicker means,
is this world too realistic and cynical?

* after thoughts... feel like writing poem/essay...


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