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Short Break - Jun 08

Sunday, June 08, 2008

A week of breakaway from the office...feels so good to be away. Except that if the office work still bugs me for like one and half day with the sudden pop-up of meeting with SG client. Marliha's wedding was nice, although I think I still prefer to attend those tradditional malay wedding type. It got more atmosphere...and also the food :P

Nice gathering and catching up of the ex-blue gang, there's a invisible bond in there that is linking us altogether despite the years down and working at new places. New topics started to sprout in for those who are reaching 30s - buying house, wedding, etc. A topic that I can only wonder but still no solution to the named two issue.

Sacrasim seems to be in the play for the week. Given me a blissful wedding to attend and also give me a funeral. Out of the blue on Wednesday evening, received a call from my aunt that my mom's uncle's wife passed away. Met her a few times during CNY and festive ocassion, was a nice person and always appear lovely and cheerful. When I went back to visit my grandma during CNY also visit her and saw her in the pink of health. A stroke of misfortune with the impropoer handling of a poison with a type of fish just took her life away just like that. Perphaps this phase from one of the Chinese copywriter on MSN is more comforting when he used it for the 5.12 Sichuan Earthquake... "一定是上帝不忍心看他们在人间痛苦,所以带他们去了天堂"

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