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Keep walking

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My one year stay since Jul 07 in China seems to have quite some happening natural disaster, luckily that I am not directly hit by any of the disaster. Going down the list.

Sep 07 bring along a typhoon sweeping through the land of China. Coming in from Fujian and on it's route up to Dalian track, it did not go onto track of Shanghai but nearby vicinity. During the 2 days when the typhoon was near to Shanghai, school were announced public holiday while some companies also shut down their office. However I have to work, and don't know why that 2 days was rather peaceful and calm :D

Jan 08 close the the CNY brings along the biggest snow disaster in China. It hasn't snowed for the longest time in the southern part of China, making rail tracks frozen and unable to link up to different cities, province of China. Many of workers are trapped in their working cities and unable to go back home for CNY.

Now May 08, the Sichuan earthquake brings along another sad tragedy. Watching the news, tv clips or video online brings a sadden picture of the fatal earthquake and that human are just too weak to brave against the natural wrath. However we also see the greatest difference in humanity is that we fought and show care towards the casualties regardless of where we come from and the effort that we put in.

Many donations were called upon, and our SG brand Breadtalk in Shanghai has this red bean bread shaped in form of crying panda to raise fund for the Sichuan earthquake.

While this earthquake rocks the homeland of Sichuan, I also see that it also unite the heart of the Chinese and that they will be able to brave on any other challenges.

Lastly, my condolence to the deceased and pray that those who live on continue to strong, strive on and that I am really fortunate to be in SG.

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Xiamen full trip snippnets

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

In response to Saffyz blog on the gang's KL trip over the May 1 to attend Tammy's wedding, on the other end of the world has another fun story to tell on Xiamen island!

Zam was in XM earlier last week but got off guarded by the Labour Day holiday, and happens that I can fly down to XM to meet him for some little XM tour about ahaha. Our trip were joined by 2 NYP interns - Justin who likes to mix his hokkien/teochew with his english (singlish maybe) but I like it as it sound really natural (maybe to me or sg people) ahaha and Sev a nice man of few words with his leisure in dragon boat and bleach anime/manga.

Here goes the fun snippets and moments...

Day 1

Snippet #1: Was very pissed off by the Chinese immigration for confiscating my acne cleanser lotion as it's a flammable liquid. Carried in out of SG and HK airport with no issues, this stupid HQ custom has to say it's flammable despite me saying that it's a medicine and my doctor did not issue any medical doc for that. Further more it's lesser than 100 ml, it's only 30 ml. Till now I'm still unhappy with their action...wonder what channels can I complain to. Adding to my frustration was my stupid flight was delayed 45 mins on ground because of some late comer who did not board before door closing and that they have to apply for his special condition to aviation authority...sighz.

Snippet #2: Visit to Gu Lang Yu island was pretty much okay, nothing special except to see some candle wax figurine and weird creature museum. J. was terrific to help the Zam and us get student price ticket to the wax museum where later he has taken many funny shots with figurines of Beckam and few others.

This photo was taken by a lady who called Sev "帅哥" who asked him to take a photo of them keke. Guess the rest not shuai enough ahaha

Snippet #2.1: The light bulb. At this stone, a couple was there earlier, girl posing while guy snapping away. Then they proceed to sit at the top of the stone. Too bad for J. who wanted to take a scenic photo of the s. Zam wanted to help in by posing as a light bulb, however seems that his light bulb power not strong or what, the couple just refuse to move. After we went up to take more photos they still remains there, and when they went down another batch of people came up. Well too bad for J., you have to photoshop out those other unnecessary views :P

Snippet #3: Steakhouse ~ Zam was confused with how much % of his steak to be cooked, initially wanted 60% and changed to 70%. Still doesn't help or maybe it's the herbs gravy causes him to have stomachache and that he says he stuck in the toilet for an hour plus in the night, while i already zzz... poor thing...

Snippet #4: There's a shopping street (Xi Chun) by Xiamen University which we went after dinner. See what Zam has, watched out that you won't get scared in the night with his cursed doll! Luckily that night he brought back didn't have crawl out of any cabinet or what hehe.

We made a visit to a pub and stay up till 1am chit chatting, been a while that I have not do that...nice...^_^. The pub people probably be quite pissed with us moving around tables, chair to get our good cool seats, too bad, your aircon not turn on.

Day 2:

Snippet #5: Nothing much to write about the day trip, except strolling along by the new beach Guanyin shan, XM Railway station and Zhongshan Road.

Night spent at Nice foot massage brought by Zam, but seems that the young boys are first timer and that their expressions are funny with the masseur. Many of them felt ticklish while the masseur has used the lightest pressure. And oh btw, if you are scared of tickle it's rumored you are scared of your wife hehe :P

Snippet #6: Arrgh, maybe Zam and I are just too old, lost 2 battles of DOTA to the young ones. Played game till 2.30am untill Justin's GF have to keep her tab on him. Maybe we are intruding the couple midnight chit-chat, so after that phone they went back to zzz. What a nice boy!

Day 3

Snippet #7: As in China not enough, I have to chance upon Alex's (my company intern) course mate inside Xiamen University. In the previous week before, I was having breakfast at McDonald and that sitting next to me was his friend chit-chatting away without noticing me. Told you walls have ears, I recognised one of them as met before and that he still bring along that NUS jacket... Now of all place in Xiamen I have to see them before Tan Kah Kee's statue. But while I recognise him we don't know him, is this what they can 有缘千里来相会 无缘对面不相逢?

Snippet #8: Interrogation and confusion of Justin; We were curious of the 2 passport size photos in Justin's wallet, one of which is himself the other his GF lah. If you wondering why, it's because it's 2 separate passport size photos. Duh, if you are in relationship won't you have a couple shot photo? Get it? So Zam and I decided to ask him. So nice of him to confuse to us that both them didn't really care about take photo and when the last minute want to take neoprint, the shops disappear, close down or not around... I highly reserved my thoughts on this as I think places like bugis junction should have all these kind of stuffs.

End Conclusion:
Had fun over the May 1 holiday, better than me stuck in Shanghai. Only thing is that it leaving me a tinkle yearning for more such fun, it's been a while since a group activity. It is always fun traveling with a group together. Guess all ends well with MSN contacts, the wonder of the new age.

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Xiamen Visit - May 1, 08

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Can't shrug off the short fun days at Xiamen for the May 1 holiday...Happy moments are always short, why?

After a year away from Xiamen, I see there are significant changes on the island. More newer version of the cabs (glad they changed that as the old ones should really go scrap yard), LRT train construction, more highways and stuffs. With new things there are old things that goes, the street shopping style by the Xiamen University is to be relocated for carpark construction next week. The new building for the relocated shops won't have the same flavour...wonder why they need so much car park space for...

The things that I like about XM is the nice breezy weather, the sun and maybe some hokkien dialect language which is familiar with, although I am not a hokkien. I still admit that I get confused with hokkien and my native teochew language.

Shall attempt to visit Xiamen once a year or so to see the changes, in the mean while I am still in the XM holiday mood, and also the yearning to go back SG, caused by reading blog from the NYP students...

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