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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Another add on to the dazy day of Mar 15, the travel agency which I always booked my air ticket to Shanghai has these 2 friendly CS. One of them let named her LY resigned last year Jul, but was then asked to come back. And about 4 hours ago, I got this thank you email from her telling her valued client that she is moving on...

What a day...

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Shanghai Saturday

Saturday morning... wake up with a daze that carries my soul with the lack of sleep feeling and yet the body is feeling tormented with tireness. As I ate my coco crunch breakfast and watch bleach episode 164, the humour in there doesn't make me laugh. The TV shows the getaway of Jiu Zai Gou, a nice place one day I will visit!

As afternoon will be spent in the office, I make a trip to Zhongshan Park Carrefour to run some errands. Gloomy mode seems to tag along with me as I found one of my favourite hang out restaurant decided to shift out of Zhongshan Park. Feng Long Bak Tuk Tek restaurant to my dismay was vacant, I haven't visit this place for 1 week and it became like this sigh. Another one lesser reason to visit Zhongshan Park... Saw the tag on the new address, haven't check it out, hope it's not too far out for I won't visit.
**Just checked, it isn't the way...doubt I will make frequent visit unless I hunger for it...sigh***

Groceries at Carrefour was as usual, if not for the cereal pack that I want to get, I wouldn't have visited Carrefour. Over at my place opens a new supermaket called City Market, nowadays I get my stuffs from there. Seems like it's targetting foreigners as there are many imported food. I saw australian, usa imported stuffs and singapore fish ball! Fish ball tempted me to buy back and I have been having microwave fish ball soup in some of the days this week.

11plus I have my early lunch at Master Curry. It was Master Curry that lighten up my day. Didn't expect their curry to be spicy, thought it was those lousy type, but I am surprised. Although spicy but still I like it, for I been having stuffed nose and cold during this week that I have no taste for any other food. Food and service at this restaurant was comparably better than elsewhere which prompt me to ask for a feedback form.

Alas, they do not have the feedback form, but I think I cheered up a bunch of chefs and waitress when I asked for that. Nevertheless I requested for a blank piece of paper and wrote my good comments of them and left.

As it seems fated, no cab for me to go back home from Zhongshan. Took the bus and at my place I have to walk a short distance from the bus stop. At the cross road junction, 2 SG-ers are chatting and the gal was speaking in English with a loud voices. I turned my head and saw many people turning their head with an expression looking at them. From their conversation I immediately knew that they are SG-ers!

Fellows SG-ers, they are NTU students on NOC exchange program here in Shanghai. Got an NUS intern here in office but their uni is far compared to this NTU one which is just a short distance walk from my office or home! Anyway I decided to approach them and start a conversation, and found out that the guy actually stayed 1 block down the street! I thought before that I am one of those few SG-ers living around this area, as most bunch of NTU/NUS people stays around in Zhongshan!

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Phone or Camera?

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