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East and West Experience

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

2nd day to my trip to the other continent of the globe. Difference that I see are below:

In this town in LA city, the descriptions are:
a) People are friendly, they smile to you, even the traffic warden who is an ethnic black!
b) Cars don't horn on the road unless you cause hazard to them. BTW, they give way to you if you jay walk, probably scared that you get them into accident
c) People do queue! I was getting my lunch at subway, and slip out of the queue to see what's in the menu, and wanted to rejoin into the queue but this nice lady ask me to go back to be in front of her in the queue. Isn't this sweet!

On on this other working city that I am in the Oriental, the descriptions are:
a) People talk like they are rushing for something or they are quarreling...loud, rowdy...
b) Car horn at the smallest issue on the road. It's a headache!
c) People don't know what's the concept of queue when there are lines, and instructions. They find the slightest opportunities to cut into your queue with the leeway.

See the difference, I wonder if the people will grow up to the nice culture that the friendly town in LA has. Coz people are going to look and scrutinize them in time to come.

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