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Value Customers?

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Year 2007 started quietly with watching fireworks. But the week it seems to be moving slowly, due with the 2 public holidays in a week, 3 working days doesn't feel like working day.

Received a ridiculous reminder from my telco (the orange sun) reminding me I still have a part of the bill that I haven't paid. Well i deliberately paid two third of it leaving this one third to lump to the next bill. Companies nowadays just like to see monies and bills promptly paid, send me an sms and then this letter and telling me that the line might be cut off if i don't pay this remaining.

Oh come on, the next bill that I know of it will be coming in the next few days and what's the point of asking me to pay this remainder when it can be lumped to the next month bill. Called up the customer officer and he also stupidly saying company procedure, and then seen my records which I told him i promptly paid my bill, but another line coming from him was that those records are not as high as the last 2 months records. Oh yeah, if i want to play prank i wouldn't have paid the last 2 months bills already. Silly people there.

And yeah the other one that I encountered was even fabulous. Send me red bill just because it slip off my mind to pay a month bill for my Internet, and the next month I got a red bill. In the past the red bill that I saw was accumulative of 2-3 months of utilities bills. But nowadays the red bill are like used for even 1 month! Are they really seriously hungry for money or many bad debts out there that they have to employ such method?

Regarding the ISP red bill they are also wonders. They changed their billing system in Oct, and skipped one month of sending us the bill and then wooh, I got a big surprised when the Oct bill comes in which is twice the normal bill...and worse still they didn't even itinerized properly, making people think that could it be a system error...

Sigh, sometimes I really wonder are we treated as value customers or milking cash cows for their accounts.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous | January 10, 2007 1:44 PM |  

    I think Singtel is the only telco that tolerates overdue more than 1 month. May be it's because it's Singtel their pocket is deep enough to take the risk. Most telcos will terminate the service if the overdue is not cleared within one month or even less than that.

  2. Blogger L. | June 09, 2007 9:57 PM |  

    really got such thing as red bill?
    As in they print on RED papaer?

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