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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

第1——45卷(全书终) 五胡乱华之际,在淮水和泗水之间,有一大片纵横数百里,布满废墟的无人地带,南方汉人称之为“边荒”,北方胡人视之为“瓯脱”,而位于此区核心处的边荒集,却是当世最兴旺也是最危险的地方。她既不属于任何政权,更是无法无天,主角燕飞、刘裕、拓跋硅置身于这混乱的时代开始他们人生的舞台,传说正是由那里开始。

终于看完了这45卷书, 花上了我差不多是四个月的时间. 当然中间因为工作忙, 有时一整个星期都没碰上一页, 有时兴血来潮湿半天都可以读四到五遍或在一天内读完一本书。从第一本书上手后,我就没法不能不读下去。

有趣的是作者黄易绸合了历史人物并加上现代理念。 边荒集即危险,但却是个南北中原交叉区,汇合了各种人,事物和理念。人物从最初的各为自政到后期因事故而团结起来。 事物和理念虽为最初的各为自政, 但建在自由公等进争理念上, 各派人物井水不犯河水。小说并在加上了道方面的玄理增添了神秘色彩。

书虽长篇,但有历史背景如淝水之战,战场上的描述和斗志斗勇无不叫人精彩万分。 这本小说也让我看到了历史的一面, 自东汉末年以后从没有一段长期的和平生活至到唐朝。 但也在这时汉人开始接受北方胡人并融会他们的文化。

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A Xiamen Working Trip

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Disappeared to Xiamen, China from 31 Oct - 08 Nov for a working trip.

Xiamen located southeast of China, and in the province of Fujian where most of our Singaporean Hokkien ancestors comes from. The place itself is getting urbanized. Heard from the cab driver on the trip to Xiamen airport at the last day that ten years ago and now the economic growth of Xiamen is tremendous. Cabbie driver was mentioning that the road and city planning most of it were modelled after Singapore city's planning. This was due to the exchange program between Singapore and China back in the early days. And yes I do notice the nice expressways and roads planned with familiar flowers/trees that we have here.

Talking about cab driver, there is one thing that I really cannot stand about them, and also not just them. Spitting seems like a common bad habit that they have there. Anytime, any day while driving as long as their throat are not comfortable, the sounds of grasping and then they will spit out of the cab window. Disgusted by this action but I can only see/watch...And some of their cabs need cleaning, dust accumulating that the seat belt when you buckled over, the layer of dust on it will stain your cloth.

On the weekends, one of the few things that I see makes me feel that I am fortunate to be growing up in this country that I am in. Just outside Xiamen University (one of their top ranking famous uni), a young chap (probably in the 20s age group) was begging for some money. When I went over to Zhong Shan road for a shopping spree, there is another youth doing the same act.

On the tiles of it wrote - "Please give me RMB $8, I haven't ate for days and the money is enough for me to have a meal and take a bus home..." On seeing the first time outside Xiamen University I wasn't having much feelings about it. Maybe it is first time seeing, beside the others who are disabled and begging for money. On seeing the second time at Zhong Hua road, I was a bit sympathized and wanted to donate, but then I realized I don't have small changes. Not that I am stingy, but my principle is that sufficient donation is enough for such scenario, otherwise it might become an abuse of sympathy. So I thought I will go have a dinner and come back to donate but when I was back an hour later, the young chap was not there anymore. Seems like some other generous donor probably have helped him out.

In the middle of writing this blog on Friday's night, I was disrupted by a work feedback and have to fill in the last paragraph over the weekend. But it seems that it has disrupted my mood to write the other stuffs....perphaps another time I can write about part 2 or 3.....

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