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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


*PS: I do agree with Ni Kuang that the writing mechanism that we have currently is a bit slow. Initially this short depict surface while I was walking along the road to the supermarket. When I get home to write, it seems to be completely different from the original one that I wanted to write, alas, the human brain...

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此生未了 心却已无所扰
醒时对人笑 梦中全忘掉
来生难料 爱恨一笔勾销
风再冷不想逃 花再美也不想要
任我飘摇 天越高心越小
不问因果有多少 独自醉倒
今天哭明天笑 不求有人能明了
一身骄傲 歌在唱舞在跳
长夜漫漫不觉晓 将快乐寻找

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Pengerang Cycling Trip

Monday, June 19, 2006

Last weekend my friend invited me to join their group to a cycling trip to Pengerang, Malaysia and I joined them. Came back and with body aching over and bit of sun burnt feeling at the skin.

On Sat, the group of us are to meet at Changi Food/Market centre at 9 am, but my bus trip was a long one and took me late of 20 mins to meet them. Reaching there, I saw my poly classmate at the jetty with the rented. Boy, the wait at the jetty for the boat was long. It took us an hour wait before it was our turn to board the bum boat and on we go the 11 of us, 4 girls and 7 guys.

The bumboat space was half-filled with our bicycle, and the rest of us seated at the remaining space or stand at the rear enjoying the sea breeze. Towards the end of the ride it was pretty bumpy, a nauseous feeling was eating into me. Thank goodness, it was a short 1 hour journey and we reach there shortly.

Pengarang jetty is a simple jetty some sort of like Pulau Ubin jetty, and operates with a small custom office. Taxis parked outside the jetty waiting to pick up customers who did not have any pre-arrangement transports to the town. Interestingly, people visits Pengarang for a variety of reasons - cycling, eat sea food, stay over at kelong, fishing, etc. There was another cycling group that I saw were there for cycling and seafood as well as we saw them at different locations for stop over. At the custom, we also saw one of our classmate who went over with her sister for a nite stay over at the kelong.

Cycling at Pengarang is a different experience than at Ubin. The road are a bit bumpy, gentle slopes up and down and mostly importantly the scenery. I get to enjoy the slow pace of the kampong life, the attap houses, family rearing chickens, cows. From time to time, rooster would crow away. Along the way we stop by the mango farm to check out if it is the season for tango mango fiesta. Unfortunately it wasn't the season yet.

As soon as we got to the hotel, we put our bags at the room and came down for a late lunch at the coffee shop around the corner. The previous cycling group that I mentioned, I saw them having lunch here as well. Lunch was a simple affair as the group wanted to have a good and better meal at the sumptuous seafood dinner. Following that we went on cycling along the coast line to Teluk Punggai Beach (六湾).

The steep slope down to Teluk Punggai Beach was breezing. From the Punggai Beach, we continue cycled along a small path. The sides of the path were grown with golden lalang, and completed with the sunset scenery, you can imagine the path to be blenched in a warm atmosphere. A different experience it is that you can never find in Singapore is the vast land that you can cycle on, and you don't see any high rise building.

Dinner was right up after that, and was decided to go to the Good Luck Seafood restaurant as most of the others have tried before and finds the
Channel U recommended seafood restaurant was expensive. Dinner was a bit of a long wait with the business at the restaurant fully filled.

Since World Cup is around the corner, the night activity was of course watching world cup matches. The group of football fans gathered to watch the match between Czech and Ghana while the other smaller group watch the Saturday's featured movie - "Black Hawk Down". I haven't watch the movie and most of the time I'm not a fan of such military show, but this movie was exceptional as it was more real-life and realistic. It was adapted from the true story that's why. After the show I get to watch the last goal by Ghana, and they really deserved the winning for their hardwork at play.

If the world is that big, then I would say it's also a small world that the next day morning at the breakfast table I met one of my air force officer from the other section during my NS time. He was with his family for a breakaway from Singapore. Other than himself, there was another old timer air force officer retiree at the breakfast coffee shop which he introduced me. He was the one who setup the ostrich farm on the way back from the Teluk Punggai beach where my friend tried to peek into the ostrich farm gate to see if there is any tall big bird.

After the breakfast, we proceed to cycle back to the journey back to Singapore. We detour into a different route and my friend brought us to a hill. On top of the hill, there was this pyramid like structure which we think it might be used to absorb lightning strikes. From there we can see the coast lines of Singapore and Bintam. Subsequently the rest of the journey cycling back, I can see from the road markings which bears the numbering xxxx as we go and that we have cycled at least 10km to the jetty since from the first visible marking.

Journey back at the bumboat wasn't as rough as the departing trip. At Changi jetty, we ate our lunch and soon we departed separate ways home. Photo links courtesy of Juon

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Multilingual people

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Hmm...one month of blog's writing missing in action wahaha...

These few weeks, am getting lazy to blog. Caught in between work and gaming, blogging has been neglected for a whle. I got a few thoughts in my mind, sometimes how I wish there is this device which can automatically convert your thoughts into writing and post it up. At least those ad-hoc meaningful thoughts can be posted immediately.

Wanted to write this article on what I see on Friday. While travelling on the train, I encountered a strange bunch of youngsters. Age I guess should be just over 20s or so, and it seems like there are 2 groups of people - a chinese and malay group mingling together. In the group two guys caught my attention
especially as they stands out themselves on how they speaks.

The malay looking guy was able to converse in Chinese. Well this maybe nothing special as I know some of the parents sends their children to learn Chinese as their mother tongue language. Or through the working or studying life in Singapore, the Malays/Indians learns some bits of chinese. But this malay guy speaks a fluent chinese when replying to his friend who is a Chinese. Then after a while, at the other end, one of the Chinese guy was talking to him on another conversation in Malay! I can't imagine how many of the newer Chinese generation youngsters who can speak a bits of malay nowadays. In this urbanized city, such multi-lingual people are not common.

In the older days (our parent's generation) the people live in a closer-knit society, and I would say there are a lot more people who can speak a third language which does not belong to their native language
. I'm thinking the introduction of English in Singapore has brought about a common language to communicate among the races, but it contributes to a decrement of such people. Since English can be a common language, why would they want to pick up another language to speak?

Of course with a lot more choices of foreign languages like French, Japanese or Korean, it has shorten the fuse for the local to pick up the remaining other races' language. Furthermore in my own opinon the privatization of having each HDB flats, some of us prefered to stick to our own live and would only say "Hi", "Bye" when met at the lift or common area like lift lobby.

It is a bit sad that at this stage, we have been criticised before that we are neither here or there at speaking proper English and Chinese (for the chinese). The other thought that I would think would be this is a growing country, a very young country and it is up to us to seek where our identity lies.

There maybe an evolution of a new language Singlish, which communicates between fellow Singaporeans, and on international grounds the proper language will be spoken/written fluently. Or it maybe that the Singlish culture may grow root to a language of it's own that we can never tell.

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