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Friday, March 24, 2006

《曹操》 林俊杰
用阴谋 阳谋 明说 暗夺,淡薄
用阴谋 阳谋 明说 暗夺,淡薄

The latest song from JJ Lin Jun Jie. Personally I find a lot of books are quite bias towards Cao Cao, protraiting him as a more bad guy. Initially my first impression of him was that he was more of a dominating guy who wants to rule over China.

But as time pass, and story re-read or re-watch, my concept of his image changes time. I am beginning to admire his personality and I think this song lyric sums it up all well. For Cao Cao, is one man who is daring, and have his own mind and thinkings to do thing. He was one of the bold man who dares to assasinate Dong Zhuo.

Although the incident with murdering his uncle was unfortunate, but that i guess human can't be perfect and do err. During his battle against Yuan Shao, he was fortunate to have top notch advisors and generals who fought the battles with him. His extremes during the tough time probably would have be judged as cruel and murder, but in time of war, that small action taken to sacrafice the ration officer to boast the morale of the army works well later to win the war. Thus turning his table around to a winning battle.

I often wondered, if he still has his favourite advisor Guo Jia around, would he have rule over China. Unfortunately heaven depised talent man like Guo Jia as he dies of young age. Many of the battles were won with this advisor's strategem. And at old age, he commented that if Guo Jia was around, things wouldn't be that bad after he lost at the battle of Chi Bi, one of the turning event to kick off the separation of China into three kingdoms.

Many books takes side with Liu Bei, for his line of ancestorship goes well in his reason to protect his Han dynasty. Thus many accuse Cao Cao of usurping the throne, being unfaithful. However to me I think that during the warring times, there won't be any action of right or wrong, the winner be the one who lives down in history as ruler. Many commoner would have wish that they have peaceful lives and the war end early

Fortunately now there are a bunch of readers who starts to think and reason with Cao Cao, which I'm taking side with as well.

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The happy prince

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Just a sudden hit came to me yesterday morning, although I didn't sleep enough the night before. Duno why but of all sudden one of the children stories that I read when I was young came re-surfacing back to my memory. And till now I still like the story but now the after feeling to finish reading the story is different now. When we were young the world just seems to be simple and free. Free from anything that is depressing, realism of the world..and that most of the fairy tale story the ending is always happily lived after or so.

The story that I been talking about that resurfaced to my thought is "The Happy Prince" by Oscar Wilde. I went to find the story online this morning and re-read it again. It would have most apt to be used to describe the realism of today's materialistic world. Somewhat similiar, both the happy prince and swallow always looked at the merry making side of the world.

Oblivious to the prince outside his castle, there lived poverty that most of his peasants is suffering. When the city casted a statue of him with fine jewellery and gold plated clothings, he then saw the world suffering beneath his feet. Exterior luxuries the statue has, but yet the heart of the statue is casted with lead. It seems ironic that the heart is made of lead and I think probably the author purposely choosen this material (he could have chosen any other beautiful gem to embed inside).

I don't know when this story was written in, but regardless of the time, there would always be a gap difference between the rich and the poors. The uneven balance of the rich masses against the hardship of the poors cannot be felt by one who have been born with a silver spoon. Especially worse when the spoilt brag always get his things with his own ways and not having a thought about the rest.

The foolishness of man as always portraited from the start to the end of the story by the mayor and his group of town councillors. Each bathing in the thought of how to glorifying themselve to the town, but does the peasant cares? Each structure or ornament that was placed in our city currently how many of us really stops by to think what is this ornament for?

The swallow in the story would have been a fortunate one, one who soar around the worlds and see the beautiful side of life. With his soaring around I doubt if he has stopped to rest around areas of slumps. I guess this prove one of the chinese phase "
良禽择朽木而栖". (something like good bird would choose good spot to rest...)

At the ending was wondering if the author like a happy ending and added the twist of God's selection of two of the most precious item in the city. For those who wants to read the story, go here.

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These few days I was accompanied by my baby nephew, chubbly cute and adorable. Cries, as simple as it looks for the baby to get attention. Few conclusions that I make out of cries...

1) when baby cries they are signalling for something and most of time they will get their wishes fulfilled. But when we grow older this doesn't seems to get true.
2) when baby grown up to be children they will still cry at times to get attention. But now, not all of their wishing thoughts will be entertained. Some might even invites for beatings to more crying haha.
3) as you get older you start to wonder what is tears. Crying doesn't seems to get attention everytime now...only when at the utter last remains of hopelessness, adult break down to cry to perphaps relieve themselves? And I would say this comes at a price of losing something or somebody...
4) cries of joyous occasion would probably override anything else.
5) did you know tears act as lubricant to the eye itself, or sort of cleansing agent. So sometimes during show or story you have touching moments tears juz drip down...it's normal as the eye also need cleansing...
6) when cries become silent cries, nothing can be heard... it must be felt from the heart to feel the bleakness of disappointment...

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Draw a pig

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Draw a pig! Who says pig are silly and dumb creatures, this pig here sure tells a lot about your personality, go have a try and let mr wise pigsie tells u who you are!


As for my result hehe...better not spill it out as it discloses how the game works :P

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

《老子》: “上善若水。水善利万物而不争。处众人之所恶,故几于道。居善地,心善渊,与善仁,言善信,正善 治,尹善能,动善时。夫唯不争,故无尤。”

老子认为,有道德的上善之人,有像水一样的柔性。水的柔性是怎样的呢?水性柔顺,明能照物,滋养万物而不与万物 相争,有功于万物而又甘心屈尊于万物之下。正因为这样,有道德的人,效法水的柔性,温良谦让,广泛施恩却不奢望报答。

For the benefits of english readers... i tried and found an english translation for the above and found this paragraph to be most apt.

Excerpt from Lao Tzu:

"The highest excellence is like that of water. The excellence of water appears in its benefiting all things, and in its occupying, without striving, the low place which all men dislike. Hence it is near to the Tao.

The excellence of a residence is in the suitability of the place; that of the mind is in the stillness of the abyss; that of relationships is in their being with the virtuous; that of government is in its securing good order; that of the conduct of affairs is in its ability; and that of any movement is its timeliness. And when one with the highest excellence does not strive against his low position, no one finds fault with him."

I think I need to learn the excellence of the water to learn more.

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Rate of climb

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Recently quite a few incident of "Life is unfair" happening around me. Initially I was laughing away situation at this group of testers for an application whereby they were scolded for not testing the application while some people juz refused to test and got away scotted free with it. She commented with "Life's unfair and this is another scenario."

Then another one happened can say close to the surroundings. This fren D. was feeling vexed comparing that at these sort of things happening. I tried to consultate that well just some people are lucky with it, and this another example of life's unfairness. Esp. if compared to another person in the group which we know of it's pretty awkward if things are spelled out.

But both H. and I when we spoke about this, we also come to conclude that there's always two sides to a coin. An airplane that takes off with an exponential curve and gets into the sky higher might eventually rises at a slower rate of climb (Burn out too much fuel has to climb slower :P). However for another aircraft that takes of with constant performance, the rate of climb might have more chances of climbing a steep line.

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Saturday, March 04, 2006

A never get out of touch classic Chinese song... I never seems to get tired of it even though it goes back a long while ago....

沧海一声笑, 涛涛两岸潮,
苍天笑, 纷纷世上潮,
江山笑, 烟雨飘摇,
清风笑, 竟惹寂廖.
苍生笑, 不再寂廖,

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