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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I fear that I'm not myself anymore. Things slips by easily, patience as thin as a slate of ice...melting anytime soon...Focus is something that I need, and multi-tasking seems near and yet far away from me. I realised when I multi-task around, it's so hard to get error-free work. Perhaps my mood is not quite there, or I don't like the person that's giving me the task and yet so little time to do. Or a second level of check is missing, allowing problem to get through.

Used to be, when a problem is reported, I would take some serious time to look at it, but now it seems like in good mood I look at it, otherwise I would take a brief look and if it's ok, I will brush it aside. Am I too in-depth to getting things done and forgot about the quality of the work that is required?

I suppose the environment is also having some problem...for I received news that one of the shipmate has decided to row her own boat out as well. Is there a lack of communication between the board and the crew?

The only consolation that I have for writing this is that I found myself to be able to do reflects once in a while.

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Expendable pawn

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Saw this few paragraphs from the recruits section yesterday, boy it's thick the papers yesterday.

"All work and no play can make you sick and lonely. If you are working so hard that it compromises your health and personal relationship, it is time to do some soul-searching."

"In today's economic, employees are nothing more than expendable pawns."

"Are you having fun in your job in spite of the long hours that you are putting in"

Sick, I'm feeling my health getting a bit on the down side ever since working, part-time studying and also occasionally freelancing. That's one area I don't want to neglect off and wants to take time to do soul-searching. Another area, having fun in the job, I'm not so sure if this is possible any more as it seems to be losing the touch.

As I decide to roll my boat to my open shore, I came to know of two other boats who would be making the decision at the end of this month. Is it just because the environment that bad that people are not having fun or the captain of the ship not taking care of the members?

Interesting if these two members, and the captains are going to hire new crew it's seems like a fresh new environment and it be interesting to see if history still repeats.

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I decided to break free, let go of all barriers and holdings in my hands
To go take a longer break, resting my soul and pondering my next step to do.
Much as I do believe creating magical miracle and rescueing project timeline, the source of magical well has started to drain up.
Fellows comrades has been leaving one by one, leaving a sense of emptiness for remaining dwellers.
The limit has been max and stretch out, I need to find myself the ways to re-condition to earn the new tolerance level.

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Decision Decision Decision...

Monday, February 06, 2006

Isn't decision = choice? And choice can be headaches...
You made a decision over your choice, you would have to live and stick by your decision. A right decision will makes one feel the heavy burden of the serious decision offloaded, while a wrong decision may cause grievious consesquences.

Everyone at some point of time will have to make decision.

I ever wonder if decision was pathed by our hand or destiny of life. If it's destiny, then do we have a say of control to what we want if it's a path to doomship? If it's crafted by ourself, can we tell that the decision is solely made upon by ourself without influence of any other factors?

If a decision is influenced by the results of the decision, wouldn't it be unfair if one results outweight the other?

Red pill, blue pill, which is for the awakening of the mind, which is the one that one has to choose to take?

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