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Lunar New Year Greetings

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Lunar New Year is just 2 days away, hereby I wishes all a Happy Lunar New Year, and may you enjoy a prosperous and smooth-sailing new year ahead.

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Wedding dinner again

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Back from a wedding dinner, the second wedding dinner of the year.

Did enjoyed myself with this wedding dinner, it's more like meeting up nice friends who havn'et been meeting up for so long. Enjoyed the dinner the people and all...

Was ironic that across the table one of my friends was discussing her breakdown problem with another group of friends but luckily it's constructive thoughts say out and find some of the topic and thinking interesting. Still sometimes the issue really boils down to communication between couple etc. Like the news article send by 28d, a happy marriage is not how u changed each others but how you accept to cope with each other short-coming. As quoted with the casted interviewee, "if you want the butterfly, you have to accept the caterpillar."

Lately been lunching around MacDonald and been seeing bunch of secondary school students. Their rowidiness and playfulness reminds me of the school times where life can be as simple as abc. Although I'm not the kinda who would hang out at Mac and such, but seeing their cheerfulness and mischievous act of poking fun at classmate or so, makes me feel like going back to sec school time and want to relive some of the moments or alter it to have more funs.

Oblivious of the age gap, only on the way to the wedding dinner, I realized that oh dear, age gap between the school kids and me could have been a 10 years gap liao....time really flies and by the next moment around, Chinese New Year is here. Age really don't spare people, times flies, people aged and we see people come and go more often.

And I need a direction in my life I don't like my work and don't know what I want to do. The most things that is getting into my head is I want to try doing freelance, but I don't think I gain the support of my family and such...what heavy burden it can be from the transition from school life to working life...

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Slow to learn...

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Sometimes I would wonder to myself when I receives those problems reported by users. (Actually these problems shouldn't get to my inbox, but dunno why some arrow stills point the way to me sigh...) That when I'm and old, maybe like add 10 or 15 years to my current age, would I be a bit slow to process my thoughts or slow to learn. (Am trying to avoid the word retarded as it seems demoralizing...). It doesn't not seems anything wrong with slow or unable to learn, but the experience I feel it's demoralizing....esp when sad because of age catching up. Not that I am worried, but sometimes, it's interesting to take a step back and think a bit. Hopefully maybe it spur some action that can be done to correct the problem at younger age?

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A story about fish and water - Part 2

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

This blog article is to clear up some misconcept that 28d might have about the fish, the water and the sky. He probably might have think too indepth of this zen story keke. And for saffyz, just don't think too much haha...

The sky embraced everything under it's might hands, watching and nurturing the wonders of nature. While the fish aspired to be up in the sky, it's destinated to be in the water. Such the the law of nature, and nobody can change that.

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Saturday, January 07, 2006

7 Jan 2006 and I attended the first wedding for the year 2006 with 3-4 more expecting to come lining up for the year not to include those unknowns. This year seems like a hot favourite year for friends, ex-colleauges and relatives to held wedding.

The wedding session that I attend today is different from the norm that most Singaporean Chinese held. Tucked in the remote part of Singapore (Raffles Marina Country Club at Tuas West Drive to be exact, with a few km you reach the Tuas crossway), I attend the wedding soleminzation of my ex-colleague followed by a high tea buffet.

I find the norm wedding dinners that most sg chinese held are quite meaningless. It's more of a show to inform your circle of friends and relatives that you are wedded. The other most likely reason would be a meant to get relative all together to eat and such, but this significance seems to be fading that it doesnt' hold.

Attended two wedding soleminization in my life so far and find it to be more meaningful. To hear the pasteur speech, although I'm not Christian, but I'm open to hear meaningful lessons. But this time round I couldn't hear what the pasteur is preaching as he have a huge korean accent. The wife to be of my colleage is Korean that has been residing in Singapore for a long while.

This colleague had held a simple yet grand solemnization with a high tea buffet following that. And the nice part of it is that his wedding dinner is only categoring to close relatives only. I like his style, no need for grand posh dinner and for girls they will still have their favourite to be in wedding gown and ring exchange. Chances are if I have my way on this I would also held it in the simliar way.

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The Year 2006 first trip

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Stepping into the fifth day of year 2006, am I a bit late to blog away the first blog for the year? Neh, it wasn't. For the year 2006, it shall be remembered whereby I spent the first day of the year travelling to an oversea place. Heehee, yup was at Bangkok for 3 nites and really enjoyed the trip with the Law.

Thailand was a nice place for tourist visit, personally I enjoyed Thai food. Nice, yummy sweet and sour, hot and spicy you get it all in the varieties of thai food. I am satisfied with the foods tried over there. I used to dislike Tom Yam soup, I remember the first time trying the horrible sour and spicy soup base of a instant noodle and i got disguised over it. What make me turn 180 degree to like it ... -> credits goes to my NS. Remembered my training in NS used to go over to Thailand and stop by there for lunch. The gang of good mixed who like Thai food and frequent visitor would order tasty dishes of Thai cuisine. And that is where it changed my taste bud, the authentic flavour of Thai cuisine yum yum.

For the 4 days 3 nite we make our treks exploring around Bangkok with the simple itinerary as below.

Day 1: Reach BKK by noon, left bags at hotel and proceed to Chantuchek weekend market. This horribly huge pasar malam style of the bugis market, you couldn't image how huge it was. Went back hotel in the evening with a handful of small shopping bags.

Dinner was at this nice cozy restaurant called Cabbages and Condom. What a weird name combination but it's a good place to dine and food wasn't that expensive. Got this off a recommendation from the web...
Day 2: This is a walking day, walk from the Chinatown all the way to the tourist area of Wat Po, Grand Palace, sigh-seeing the Reclining Buddha and stopping along the way to visit temple. Didn't visit the Grand Palace and the Emerald Buddha as was rather lately.

And further walk up to Khao San Road a road of backpackers gathering and stuffs. Dinner was at Lao Li hehe, and to reply Saffyz answer's we only ate one shark fins. Not that much that you might imagine hehe.
Day 3: Shopping again...but lunch was at a nice restaurant brought by Law's friend. If not for her we wouldn't know this Anne's cafe as it was tuck away in some street. Visited their biggest shopping mall and Siam center following that...but nothing much to be bought hehe
Day 4: Prepare to go Home Sweet Home and meet reality...

At the airport meet interesting local Singaporean who's the other half spouse was a Thai and talking about the reality of the Thai world. Hear their pours of stories about the one way money lending with no return to relatives friends and borrowing scenario. I guess it's similar throughout the rest of the world, there'll be people begging for money lending and at the point of requesting the loan to be return all kind of stuck up excuses will come up. Reality of the world this is...

Now I am also having to get back to my reality...work work, and with the year 2006 I don't know what to really expect out, perphaps no expectation is the best consolation?

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