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Lazy Saturday

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Ah... a lazy Saturday...once more i am back to having lazy saturday. Some what no assignment to rush, got work to do but brush it all aside. :D

What did I do today? Nothing much really...what would you expect a lazy person to do hehe...actually was recovering from sickness on Wed, so didnt' want to do much strenenous stuffs. Now with more free weekends to come, I want to do something else more than this. Things on my thoughts to do:

To get fit.
Personally I feel myself a bit weak, quite prone to sickness...and so I want to get fit. Other than jogging once in a while I want to go gym. And the feeling of going gym alone is quite sian. Need to find ka kis to do common activities. Or maybe play an hour of badminton or tennis.

To pick up some activities?
What activities? i dont have any in mind at the moment. Maybe I shall go further my Jap. but not until next year then haha. Maybe some sport or cooking? Hmm...why cooking, so that I can have good food for my stomach wahaha...

Side line business
Another thought on my mind that I been trying to do is to do some kinda of side line small business, ie online shopping. And I don't have any idea of what to sell. Another area need to ponder and often get queued into KIV list...

Setup my own personal website or host some development area.
Another one of my overdue stuffs...why? I also dunno, just been too tired to diy it all by myself maybe.

And also anyone got good recommendation of any medication to keep down high blood pressure? Not for me but my aged parent, they are borderline cases. Abit worried though as with ages catching up, symptoms of illness and all those can just show up. Took mom to see doctor and found out this, however as the doctor was saying cause due to sickness the high blood pressure reading might not be accurate, and have take during normal health. Hopefully this is true.

Well well its going into 11pm as I write. Hopefully I can sleep better tonite, as I find myself getting abit of insomnia as well. Dunno well, maybe I have to redefine back a healthy life style to get back a good nite sleep?

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Independent - that's one word that I myself like to be in. Yes, I really don't like to be dependent on somebody. As much as I understand that this job/function might be the other party's responsibilities, however if I could help do it myself, I would most definitely do it. But alas, man only have 24 hours a day, of which around 6-8 hours is spent restly/sleeping. Many a times if the job is delayed too long I would take over it to do personally myself. I just don't like the idea of delaying too long a task.

As I write this blog I am wondering if this is an article to know myself better. Many a times when you sit down to write your cover letter you have to put down your strong points to sell. At those times, it's like you trying to dig something out of yourself and yet no brain juice comes out and have to put vaguely points that might be irrevelant or some common marketing traits.

On the above paragraph of delaying, I know myself sometimes to be a procastinator
also. If an item that I don't like to do or don't feel like doing, chances are I will push it to the next week or delayed till I can't stand it and then settle it haha... So am I one who will want to finish earlier or delay things? Sometimes I wonder...

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Train Ride Story

Saturday, October 22, 2005

I'm back! Wow from the last blog entry, it has been a long one month breakaway from blogging ...

The past one month I probably have felt physically fatigue and mentally stretched out. With the last bits of my Computing Project assignment to rush with last than 1 month worth of time, I glad it's all over last night. Only then I really feel a burden relief off my aching back, which of course would lead me to have more time to concentrate of some of the stuffs on my job. It's another tiring pit hole to handle but who doesn't have this?

Last night after submitting assignment and had dinner I took the train back home. Nowadays I rarely take train as my work place I go by bus. And normally if i work after 9pm I will take cab back and claim, why not since company is paying :P Anyway encountered this family - a group of 4 members consisting of a pair of parent and children (elder sis + younger son).

Don't know if it's the mischieveous characteristic of their son or the upbringing. This son of their really need some bit of discipline. We all will always stand at the platform waiting for the train to arrive and when it arrvies I would give way to let the alighting pax to alight first. But this rowdy boy want to get in first when the door opened. Thank goodness the mom pulled him back and told him to wait and have some patience. Ok so we all went in...on walking in his mom told him again, don't need to rush, just wait a while, but her son rebuked back to say waiting only waste time! What kinda of nonese is this, how much time can you waste on waiting for less than a min for the alighting pax to get off. This child really need some re-education on manner upbringing man...

Then again I had another incident while rushing to a destination taking the train. On entering the control station I saw my train was going to arrive in 1 min. And when I take the escalator down I saw the train arrive, people getting off already. In a rush to save time from waiting for another 5-7 minutes, I quickly rush down the stairs and tried to squeeze my way through the alighting pax. Then this pair of idiot couple was holding hand swinging and walking admist the crowd to their next platform. Our path crossed. I was expecting that they would let go of their holding hand for while to let me past. But they didn't, and that guy he raised his right arm to block my path from breaking their joining hands. At that time my arms was full with stuffs, a backpack bag on my back, notebook sling on my shoulder, arm holding onto the big pile of assignment printout submission got back with feedback. And this stupid guy prob. thinks that their joining arms are more important! Anyway since I can't cut into their strong bonded hands, I routed around that guy and muttered a distinguistable scolding word "Stupid". I hope this guy heard it and let him fume for a while, for that time I am really pey chey for a while before I got a seat and doze into sleep.

Who's right who's wrong in this case? I don't know but I prob. can say the train ride can encounter some many interesting stories around hehe

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