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Kind hearted mistreated.

Monday, September 19, 2005

This is definitely one group of people I dislike!

Client who thinks that they are GOD, my fooT! Do you ever encounter people who are insensitivte, who thinks that yes I am the client, I am the boss, king or queen. Have they ever spare a thought that you are just nothing but a fool who doesn't know how to do work and leverage on others to help you do this piece of work? Brainless people, this I shall learn a lesson that mean people are not worth to be treated good worths.

Recently last week watch the whole series of the Condor Heros (射雕英雄传) the one that is showing on Channel U on Saturday 9 - 11pm. The ending series was showing the hero, Guo Jing rebuking Gengkis Khan on his war conquerage. But what's most importantly is that a true leader will be well-loved by all below, and not a leader who is out to show the ego to conquer. And in the show <天龙八部>, Qiao Feng also brought up the idea that be it a life of Emperor or Commoner, they are equal, why should there be a difference in races, and war in killing each other?

I really wonder if Human is evolving for the good or just getting more deeply entrenched in the roots of sins.

Well was really cursing a lot at this group of people, but never mind I shall reserve it for their retribution wahaha.

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Work? OT? or ...?

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Missing from blogging? Neh, juz that lately been busy with work and assignments...
Ever since taking over my colleagues's job when he have left I just don't have my time to do my original project no matter how I manage my time.

No to say that I don't OT, I do stay back sometimes. Don't know why but lately I just don't have that much energy as before to stay back and OT. OT seems like only if it's a must then I will do otherwise I just leave it for the next day...

This week seems like a gathering week to me, tue met up with my community group of friend. Was having this dinner at Suntec to send off a friend who will be leaving for his study sponsored by RSN in UK. And with that night also got booked for a wedding invitation next year for another friend. Wow so fast they all hahaha.

Next one month going to be another busy month ahead, let me finish my assignment and yes I shall be relieved from all, looking forward for that day.

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