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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Expectations, more than often is like wishes that you want but in realistic forms. How do you expresses your expectations and work towards it? A friend sent me the article below on expectation, I took out the first 3 paragraphs for readings.

Expressing Your Expectations

Let's be honest - we all have our own expectations of our relationships, of our partners. Some of us demand less, but we all require certain events to happen and conditions to be met before we consider the relationship viable or worth maintaining.

Now this is not an unreasonable thing. We all have needs and it's our relationships that fulfill some of these needs - like the need for a supportive voice in tough times, the need for a hand to hold on a drafty early morning walk, the need for someone to kiss us even when we look like the back of a truck at the end of a grueling day.

The problem is some of us often don't make these needs known to our partner, and when he or she fails to meet these expectations, we begin to doubt the value of the relationship. It sounds silly but some of us expect our partners to already know. Now that's an unreasonable demand - to expect our partners to know our expectations. No matter how close two people get, no two human beings behave or think in the same way. Very often, your perceptions of what is good or bad in a relationship will differ radically from your partner's views.

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