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Split me up!

Monday, April 18, 2005

A few days ago, my nick on MSN is like tis - "yew ~ spilt me up!".

I think it freak a few people out, thinking that I am having some kinda of trouble thoughts or problem. There's a few MSN pop-ups from friends around asking me if I am alrite. Hereby a big thanks to all those pop-in to show their concern. Makes me feel so fortunate to have you people out there heehee ^_^

Well at the point of time, I was feeling stretch by work and also my assignments. I think mainly by this stupid project at work. As the usual last minute stuffs, but thank god, i have my stuffs ready up liao hehe. Then this thought that cames to my mind, hey how good were it be if I can split myself up into two, won't it be so effective, I can do both jobs at the same time.

Then this evil side of me comes to tell me, hmm...if i can split myself up, how about selectively split your personality. That is, I have one part of myself split up to wrech havoc and being evil whaha...imagine you have all those bottled feelings and thoughts that you have and that you so nicey nice that you don't want to say or show it out, let this devil image vent it all out. It be so nice haha... Then, there is this goody good personality where you just like to treat everyone nice.

Or maybe you have many personality that you would want to split into, such that the you can play yourself more truefully. Then one day all of thse gathered again to form yourself back, and hopefully you yourself knows what you really behaves and wants!

Hmm...sounds like I'm having a ficitious thought at mind here, ya sometimes i just like to have my mind roam around, its' good to have an imaginative mind!

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  1. Blogger 365 candles | April 18, 2005 10:54 PM |  

    i always belive that there are both side in each and everyone of us.
    or perhaps there are more than 2...which would be quite scary...and yes..by having only one side...you will be very 'real', which means the only u......

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