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Monday, April 18, 2005

My aunt gave us a fright last sunday evening. Was doing my assignment half way when suddenly my cousin called to say that her mom came back home from hospital with my younger aunt. Her mom wasn't feeling well and she told me that she seems to be in a daze state that she couldn't recognized her own home! Even sprouted some weird talks about maybe being possessed by some spirits and stuffs...which after I hear, I pass the phone to my father. I'm not the man to be exorcist or such, let the elders handle such.

No matter how distance my father and aunt may seems to be, or even bickered each other at sights, the care for siblings in times of needs would always show up. I joined my father to took a cab to their place to check things out.

After we reached, the condition was more stabled down, but from my cousins it seems scary moments before we arrived. It sounds like those symptons that you watch in the show how a person get possessed and start sprouting things or talking and when you called them she wouldn't responsed. They tried all sort of ways to hold her down, pinched, clamped her fingers, and eventually woke her up.

At least when my father and I arrived, she is able to recognized us! She mentioned that she suspected that our grandma and her in-law grandma prob. don't like her and got into her? To me I dismissed it to that she think and worried too much about some of the stuffs. Knowing her family situation and stuffs, my utmost comfortation is to tell her not to think too much. It's another long story of it's own, which relating here may not be interesting. Oh well, like the chinese phase, every house has it's own problems, so what I can do only is to help them in ways of my limitation.

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  1. Blogger JY | April 18, 2005 10:55 PM |  

    do you believe is such stuffs??
    i do..very deep in fact...i had bad experiences b4....till now it sometimes made me freak out...

  2. Blogger bitchrepublic | April 18, 2005 11:30 PM |  

    and we were talking about my *family spirit* the other day at GELARE. omg!

  3. Blogger sins | April 20, 2005 12:00 AM |  

    well i do believe there is existence of such stuffs, although science rejects such spooks. which i can only place under them as unexplored frontier of science.

    however must say that i have not encounter such and seems to be not the kinda to encounter...hoepfully also not haha...

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