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Messy Messy...

Monday, April 11, 2005

It's been a long while that I haven't update my blog...

Haven't got the mood to write as it been messy everywhere...

Messy in my life, as I do not know what I really want to do for in my career. Theres' a vague objective - to be a business solution manager/developer, but with the things that I am doing or the company that I am in, I really wonder if I can get to there.

Messy in my work place - merger/acquisition or what, the shifting around and such making things messy messy...and not to mention the fact that while moving still have to do project meeting deadline.

Couples of happenings with the so called merging...in the begining it was presented as a merger, yet when the details to transfer ownership of services, it was mentioned "group hire of staffs". I think it's about time for the truth to be out, I am sure there is a skeleton in one of the closet.

It's been rather touchy on these issues and at one time it's a bitch about the boundary drawing clearing who's working for who. Since he's the one who initiated the deal, I think it's fair that the deals is closed up properly even if he might not be joining over. Who's knows maybe not tomorrow, but the day after?

Last of my hopes is not to forget my leaves!

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