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The frustrated couped up man

Monday, April 18, 2005

A bit tied up last week, I think I shall write a bit here to fill up a bit of the blanks here...

Last tuesday, yup went back to the "OLD" office to meet with the flippant man. Yah, the guy that watever that he talks don't tally with what he has in the heart. Early in the morning, gives his stupid vent on us, saying nonsense stuffs like can give up don't do this project one...You are the one that start this and now you put on this crap stuffs here... Felt like giving him a punch to wake him up, after i told him to be more objective. If the US/UK counterpart don't have the answer, how are we supposed to get our answer for this here. After he vented out a bit on being "objective", he became more "cool".

Well I understand probably he isn't feeling that good after all, since he probably don't get much out of the merger...and have to stay couped in his cubicle being alone in the entire shophouse. At times to be joined by a freelancer, sometimes visitors like us dropped in to pay our visits haha...

Heard of news that he will eventually be going to the new place....sigh, i wonder if it's still a good place to stay on liao...hmm...maybe i should just start looking around, since more or less my targeted project is almost done.

Well who cares, let me try out a month or so before determining it's good or bad. My policy is that unless you don't give yourself a chance to experience things, you won't know how good or bad things might be.

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  1. Blogger JY | April 18, 2005 10:58 PM |  

    enjoy and cherish every existing moments....you would not know when is your last...:)

  2. Blogger bitchrepublic | April 18, 2005 11:29 PM |  

    like i said in mine : the sith is about to hit the fan. *smile* be a mystery.

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