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Leaving - "SURVIVAL" sequel 2

Friday, March 04, 2005

Put this to your mind at first read:
Within 3 days apart, the only 3 designers in the company tendered their resignation w/o securing a job.

First thing in your mind, what do you think goes wrong that the people want to leave?
a) Got better offer?
b) Bad working environment?
c) Bad boss or supervisor?

Have you chosen an answer? To know the answer, continue to read the post below and you will imagine out the answer!

Yup the counter has risen till show hand, with the individual heading for their own direction! The hokkien has this saying - when the tree fallen, the monkeys each runs in their direction. Yes indeed, it came about true in this situation.

I like to observe human behavior. In a group, there will always be a social cohesion. This bond that gel each other together in alike mindset or working together yet each for their personal aim. In a book that i have read before, one should never treat people as a mean to an end itself, but treat individual as an end to the mean. Employee worked their time for a paid salary to earn a living, whereas the employer requires the employee's work to get their stuff done. Employer shouldn't treat their subordinate that "yes, I paid you this salary, you must do this amount of work that is to my satisfaction to earn your deserved". It should be a mutual exclusive understanding that this is a trade off dependent for each other. No ones own each other anything in a sense.

Today the episode of the "survival" in the company let me see how immature the way things were being handled. Being a boss, he should be more tactful in handling things and not jump the gun to nonsense conclusion. Yesterday the domino effect exit plan was delayed till this afternoon. Another 2 exit doors were opened. The afternoon started off with a chat, and in the end became a fury fuse circuit shortage. The last exit chat was a short one, perhaps he just don't want another pointless discussion any more.

In the first situation, imagine you are having a nice talk and that you are being offered a higher post of replacing the personnel who has left asking you to hang around some more while the man look for a replacement. Of course the quitter understands that it is pointless staying ard as he expects the same shyt to happen again. Then suddenly the man can jump the gun to say he can sue you for breaching some undefined laws and suspect that you are in a conspiracy with the rest trying to destroy something. :S

Then in the following conservation sparkled to involve irrelevant personnel, calling the tendered lead to come down and trying to push the blame to him for not assigning the correct job to the quitter. This to me is that he is showing off his power and authority! One thing that I learned is that before you blame other first, please start to take a look at yourself and see if you also do the same mistake. If you are brave enough, admit that it’s your mistake and not push the blame around.

Of course being the boss, they will tend to have some ego, or thinks that they have this special quality that is one cut above the norm. We know and respect that you are the boss, but remember that respect is being earned by how you lead, and not your orders. Yes, you demonstrated that you can give orders to junior staff, but that doesn't prove that you are being a rational person. (Another scene calling xxx to come in for 2 question of yes/no and xxx leaves...)

If I am a rational and smart boss, instead of conjesting fantasy and fictious irrational blames, I would sincerely ask the personnel who leave what is wrong and take the opportunity to understand and correct stuff and not act as the above. That is if I am the boss.

Well this today one drama is a good live show hehe...in a society that we all live in now, we all are judge by our actions that we lived in. Like it or not, you may be a king or emperor, but if you behave like a child, you will not earn the respect of your citizen. Even the smallest behavior that you have in school can brand you as a bad child. What more, if the boss can brand you as inefficient worker, the worker can also do the same back as tagging him as mindless leader. What that is done one way in the past is not going to be the same in this 21st century.

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  1. Blogger saffyz | March 05, 2005 11:37 AM |  

    hwah... super drama... and at any part you involved?? btw, yew, ur writing improved! very nicely written this post, it really tells the story... *thumbs up*

  2. Blogger sins | March 05, 2005 10:14 PM |  

    nope no part involve, juz be the audience and the commentator ^_^

  3. Blogger bitchrepublic | March 05, 2005 10:35 PM |  

    alot of times, people in office environment do things or behave in ways that are 'emotional'. be it bitterness or bad management. emotions run high on everyone's agenda. just becareful not to lose yourself in it and figure out your next steps.

  4. Blogger sins | March 05, 2005 10:45 PM |  

    Yup probably the 'emotional' part got him more, as i heard of many stories b4. i try not to let emotion run onto me though heehee, my next step hehe, we shall see :P

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