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Evil, evilness!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Evil - hehe, do you feel sometimes being evil? Sometimes I feel that I am being evil and mean. But as much as being evil, I feel that it is doing evil in good sense. Everybody maybe like playing the goodie angel role, and may not like playing the bad guy. But sometimes to balance up the scale, I feel that being evil is necessary. It helps to take away unnecessary stuffs.

Today in an action I did, I feel that I am being evil - but I have to do that to maintain the process in place. Ever since so many people left the company, there isn't any proper process or work flow in place. I understand one of the personnel is rather fresh, but that doesn't mean that there isn't a proper working order. Hope he will understand.

I don't know if evilness runs in just me or everyone else. But I do believe that as long as you are human there be a strand of evil in your heart. Maybe it's just being suppressed, and that's good so as not to cause harm. Evil needs to be countered so as not to harm. I hope it's not too mean of me here, but I have this belief that as long as I know what I am doing, I shall pursue it with my mind and heart!

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  1. Blogger bitchrepublic | March 03, 2005 11:49 PM |  

    i believe there's evil in everyone - the evil in us, can manifest into imperfection - afterall we are human :D

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