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Moving on, Risk...

Monday, February 21, 2005

I need to move on... I need to have better sense of what this organisation is doing and have good recognisition projects to do...Sometimes I thought to myself if i were to do a rash decision and move on, would it be a good decision? It's a courageous one alrite, but the advantage there is good enuff and clear cut short-term notice. Of course this is a gamble what if the gamble is on the losing end of the table and goes on for a long period? Am I willing to take this risky gamble? RISK factor as much as possible most ppl would want to minimize it, but how much minimal can it go?

Perhaps it's the time in my life that I should go on make a soul-searching, and take up the courage to gamble with risk? No risk, no changes and fun.

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