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Eve of the Chinese New Year!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

traditionally for the Chinese it is a get-together for family and relatives. After all, the center of Asian values is on family closeness. As with the modern society, I feel that having a close and supportive family is very essential. It brings together the members closer and they be more approachable to help out in times of need. Of course not that cultivating such idea to bring about tangible benefits. There's the important reason of rekindling relationship that might be lost over the years. When grown older and each have started their own family, there's the more reason to maintain the tie closer together.

Like the Western New Year, the Chinese New Year also brings about an end to the past year and a start to a new one. One would try to clear all his debts in the past years or throw away old stuffs and set up resolutions for the coming year. As the Chinese have associated an animal to a 12-year cycle horoscope, this coming new year one is the year of the rooster. Hopefully, may the coming year be like the confident rooster, taking stride and confidence with each step it makes.

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