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KALLANG Roar re-lived

Monday, January 17, 2005

Yes, I hear the Kallang Roar and feel the Kallang Wave again at the National Stadium last evening!

This time round, the weather was better, a sunny day for the final rounds of the Tiger Cups - Singapore vs Indonesia, with Singapore leading 2 goals ahead in the first round. No grand stand seats as they are all sold out on the first day, I can't believed it. What's truly unbelievable is that even the normal seats tickets are sold out by the second day! It's really amazing, coz after the last tournament from the Malaysia Cup, the National Stadium have never been filled up full other than National Day Parade.

Last nite the National Stadium was immerse in a sea of red T-shirts, from all the Singaporean supporters. Of course not to forget the Indonesian fan, they have a very small section wearing white coloured shirts. With the Kallang Wave and encores of the "OLE OLE" cheers the stadium was filled with joyous cheers when the Singapore team won the match. Of course, I won't forget the jeers and the familiar foul cry toward the referee and this irritating yet die-hard fan of Singapore Team shouting away behind me.

Just a thought to myself while on my way to office this morning, I realised that it has been like about a 10 years apart since I last watch a soccer match at the stadium. I can't recalled when did I last watch the football match held by the Malaysia Cup back in the 1990s but since then I stopped. Now, the before and after make me feel like have aged, and held different perspective on the different views.

- Nation Anthem: during school days we would drag to sing it, but at the Stadium, we are proud to sing it wholeheartly. Comparing that we are consciously taught to sing against countries who don't, I think it's a good identity learning process to be able to know your anthem.

- Soccer, the pass was about people chasing after ball, and supporting their die-heart soccer team. Now as I am not that into it anymore, but I still see soccer as a great game and it takes absolute team coordinates and good skill to be the champion!

Lastly to finish up, it's a good well deserved
write-up ending for the National Stadium, we await for your rebuild to host the new generatioin of dreams and the Kallang Roar/Wave!

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