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A camping trip

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Wow, just realised that it has been a week more that I since post my last blog! Anyway, not quite been feeling to write anything for last week, except for this weekend camping at Ubin. Other than school camp and such, I haven't try out a leisure camping with friends before. The camping experience was wonderful, especially having a group of close friends together enjoying the fun out in the nite.

It was also a new learning experience for some of us. For me, the tent was not the tradditional type one, so I could say that it's a totally new tent pitching learning experience. For the gals, I guess the solid fuel and cooking out with mess tin was fun. Especially our maggie mee and the tasty hot Milo drink! Playing cards under the starless nite with torches and light stick was an exclusive leisure that we have, can't forget this one super long UNO game that we have and not to forget Blaff. :P

Morning awaken with the sounds of the hornbill bird, this bird was croaking away in the early morning like 4am plus...Prob. looking for his morning food keke... Our tent draw curiousity to a stick insect as it tries to take a peek at what's in the tent heehee...

All and all it's a wonderful camping trip and I always believed that the enjoyment hypes up best with a group of good friends. Wondering what will be the next trip and shall be looking forward to it!

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Departure & Arrival

Thursday, January 20, 2005

This two days I was back in camp to serve some requirements...Was great to see the whole bunch of reservist group together from different batches. It feels like an early CNY reunion like that despite that it is just a 2 days event. However unfortunately, for some it was their last in camp for them as they will be posted out to other units. Feel sad to know of this news, especially when one of them is your course mate and served the 2 years NS with yourself. On the other hand, the frequent in camp and currency maintenance is a minus point to the normal working live. The new posting might be better off with a new start off and new environment.

Later in the night, was at another farewell dinner for my ex-colleague at BLUE. It was a different situation compared to the above one, more like a get-together for most of us who have worked before at BLUE and those who are still working there. No matter what, we would always wished him/her the best and try to get together for dinner/lunch.

It has been a rather migration hazzle this month, seeing people moving on with their life and career to a greener pasture. Hopefully the other side of the bank is a greenary pasture.

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KALLANG Roar re-lived

Monday, January 17, 2005

Yes, I hear the Kallang Roar and feel the Kallang Wave again at the National Stadium last evening!

This time round, the weather was better, a sunny day for the final rounds of the Tiger Cups - Singapore vs Indonesia, with Singapore leading 2 goals ahead in the first round. No grand stand seats as they are all sold out on the first day, I can't believed it. What's truly unbelievable is that even the normal seats tickets are sold out by the second day! It's really amazing, coz after the last tournament from the Malaysia Cup, the National Stadium have never been filled up full other than National Day Parade.

Last nite the National Stadium was immerse in a sea of red T-shirts, from all the Singaporean supporters. Of course not to forget the Indonesian fan, they have a very small section wearing white coloured shirts. With the Kallang Wave and encores of the "OLE OLE" cheers the stadium was filled with joyous cheers when the Singapore team won the match. Of course, I won't forget the jeers and the familiar foul cry toward the referee and this irritating yet die-hard fan of Singapore Team shouting away behind me.

Just a thought to myself while on my way to office this morning, I realised that it has been like about a 10 years apart since I last watch a soccer match at the stadium. I can't recalled when did I last watch the football match held by the Malaysia Cup back in the 1990s but since then I stopped. Now, the before and after make me feel like have aged, and held different perspective on the different views.

- Nation Anthem: during school days we would drag to sing it, but at the Stadium, we are proud to sing it wholeheartly. Comparing that we are consciously taught to sing against countries who don't, I think it's a good identity learning process to be able to know your anthem.

- Soccer, the pass was about people chasing after ball, and supporting their die-heart soccer team. Now as I am not that into it anymore, but I still see soccer as a great game and it takes absolute team coordinates and good skill to be the champion!

Lastly to finish up, it's a good well deserved
write-up ending for the National Stadium, we await for your rebuild to host the new generatioin of dreams and the Kallang Roar/Wave!

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Tech Blog

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Last nite I started my other blog on IT development. As with programming or devleopment, there is always a need to reuse source code here and there. The internet has a vast wealth of such codes and it is very fortunate that the expertise knowledge are being share around. This other blog I shall delicate for such purpose which firstly helps to archive some of my script and ultimately maybe build my own library out of it. Of course the other benefits is that now I am part of the small community to share my stuffs to the world!

Visit the blog here

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OUT of the BLUEs

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Last nite doesn't feel like a monday night haha...

Reason being that the whole bunch of us up to 13 people were at K-Box well-wishing our dearest the ONE, aka Neo farewell from BLUE. Whereas, in some of the group people case especially like me, it's a welcome to the OUT of the BLUE group hahaha...^_^

Certainly things won't stay foreverly long the same, people move, change and grow. The parting today serves as a new gathering for the next show up. As such life would be filled with colours, be it dull or bright colours.

The excitement and happening of the event at K-Box I shall not be describing it and be leaving it for the photos here at shutterfly.

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It feels so deeply unjustified from a statement, anyway, the good benefit of blog is that I can vent and write some of the anger here wahahaha!

Dear annonymous,

Communication is a two-way process! Since you have initiated the thread, if the other party didn't responsed, you can always do a follow-up. I do not wish to comment on the pass-on message about the speculated decision as it is pointless.

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the natural ordinary of LIFE

Friday, January 07, 2005

I enjoy the natural ordinary of LIFE.

Each of our day many things happens and pass by us, take a moment of awareness to open up your senses and be marvelled by the beauty in ordinary activities. On the way home, as I pass by the community centre on Friday evening, I would be able to hear the echos of the training voices of karake or tae kwan do lessons. The echoes of the training roars, may sound fierce, but in each voice feel the firmness in taking each stance.

At the basketball court there would always be the sounds of the balls thumping away. As I watch the young players pitching against each other, or even practising their skill, I cheered for them in my heart for the beautiful goals that pass through the net. These are some of the ordinary activities that surrounds us...

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Soccer Unity

Sunday, January 02, 2005

It was a soccer match.
A match that I do not even think that I would even attend live.
A match that I do not know who are the players, my only knowledge is the teams.

The match that I am talking about is the Tiger Cups semi-final: Singapore vs Myanmar at the Kallang National Stadium. With the light rain pouring when we were seated, I kept wondering to myself why am I here to even watch this match. Seated at the Grand Stand doesn't sheltered us from the rain with ocassional wind blowing the drizzle rain toward us. With the cold wind and dampen spirit, I wasn't in awe watching the match. The only reason that I knew deep inside my heart is - this is the last chance to be seated at the Kallang National Stadium before it got written down into time of history and be rebuilted.

Yes, the National Stadium housed the many events like National Day parade, Youth Day parade and not to forget the 1990s soccer matches on the Malaysia Cup. I could recall the number of National Day parade that I attended at the stadium, and many of times I would be seated at the normal seats. Today I thought it might be a good chance to sit at the grand stand and watch a good soccer match.

Thank the gods for the weather went off when the match started. With the field muddy and slight drizzle here and there, both team players have to adapt the condition. The Myanmar team I feel was a more skilful team than the Singapore team and they knew how to make use of opportunities to score two goals with the first half of the game. I must say that Singapore won with a pinch of luck in their pocket, as they tied off with a own goal from the Myanmar team in the second half. In the latter half the Myanmar players went playing aggressively and got several red cards and got sent off which gives Singapore the chance to score goal in the extra time played.

It was a different experience to enjoy the show from the stadium live and see how the Singapore fans behave. The fans on my side of the gallery stand cheer heartfully with the Singapore team, however, they would ocassionally jeer at the opponent team. My first thought is that maybe we do not have the sportsmanship as yet, hopefully we aren't. I understand that many Singaporean would loved to see their team into the final, but let us show more sportsmanship. There again, maybe the Myanmar crowds were doing the same to us but we won't know as they were on the other side.

Everyday during our school times we would sing the National Anthem and some of us would just be "lip-singing". Now the only chance to hear the anthem would be on National Day. As the match starts off with national anthems from both countries, I could hear both country residents singing their anthems. Perhaps only with competition we could hear the true heart of where and who each of us belongs to.

Thankfully this isn't my first and last seat at the grand stand, and if my friend is getting tickets for the final match next saturday I would be there again the support the Singapore lions as I know that the next match would be a tough one.

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A new year, a new HOPE

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year 2005!!!

Glancing back upon year 2004, it has been a rather devastating and disastrous year. The world was plagued by bird flu, earth quake, tsunami and terrorist attacks. An interesting event held in Japan is that every year end, they would get people to vote for a word to summarize the whole year. The word that has won the most votes and was officially declared was disaster, "". Indeed it was a wise word chosen as we see the closing of the year with earthquake and tsunami. Note that the word was chosen way weeks before Christmas and the earthquake.

Now moving forward into 2005, I personally hope that the world would be in a better shape. With a new year most of us would actually set new year resolutions. Personally I don't believed in that and don't really set for new year resolutions. Currently my only resolution that has been stalked over was to finish my part-time bachelor course this year end!

Perhaps if time permits me at the end of this year, I wish to pursue on my Japanese Studies, to continue on obtaining JLPT 3 if possible. But before that I have revise back what I have learn as I have long time out of touch with Japanese language. This also reminded me that I have an urge to take the Chinese Proficiency Test to gauge my Chinese standard.

Hmm...this seems to me to summarize my resolutions for year 2005...And not forgetting that I would want to exercise more, now that Geyland East swimming pool has re-opened, there is no more reason for me not to swim more.

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