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Xiamen Visit - May 1, 08

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Can't shrug off the short fun days at Xiamen for the May 1 holiday...Happy moments are always short, why?

After a year away from Xiamen, I see there are significant changes on the island. More newer version of the cabs (glad they changed that as the old ones should really go scrap yard), LRT train construction, more highways and stuffs. With new things there are old things that goes, the street shopping style by the Xiamen University is to be relocated for carpark construction next week. The new building for the relocated shops won't have the same flavour...wonder why they need so much car park space for...

The things that I like about XM is the nice breezy weather, the sun and maybe some hokkien dialect language which is familiar with, although I am not a hokkien. I still admit that I get confused with hokkien and my native teochew language.

Shall attempt to visit Xiamen once a year or so to see the changes, in the mean while I am still in the XM holiday mood, and also the yearning to go back SG, caused by reading blog from the NYP students...

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