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Keep walking

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My one year stay since Jul 07 in China seems to have quite some happening natural disaster, luckily that I am not directly hit by any of the disaster. Going down the list.

Sep 07 bring along a typhoon sweeping through the land of China. Coming in from Fujian and on it's route up to Dalian track, it did not go onto track of Shanghai but nearby vicinity. During the 2 days when the typhoon was near to Shanghai, school were announced public holiday while some companies also shut down their office. However I have to work, and don't know why that 2 days was rather peaceful and calm :D

Jan 08 close the the CNY brings along the biggest snow disaster in China. It hasn't snowed for the longest time in the southern part of China, making rail tracks frozen and unable to link up to different cities, province of China. Many of workers are trapped in their working cities and unable to go back home for CNY.

Now May 08, the Sichuan earthquake brings along another sad tragedy. Watching the news, tv clips or video online brings a sadden picture of the fatal earthquake and that human are just too weak to brave against the natural wrath. However we also see the greatest difference in humanity is that we fought and show care towards the casualties regardless of where we come from and the effort that we put in.

Many donations were called upon, and our SG brand Breadtalk in Shanghai has this red bean bread shaped in form of crying panda to raise fund for the Sichuan earthquake.

While this earthquake rocks the homeland of Sichuan, I also see that it also unite the heart of the Chinese and that they will be able to brave on any other challenges.

Lastly, my condolence to the deceased and pray that those who live on continue to strong, strive on and that I am really fortunate to be in SG.

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