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September Archive!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Hmm a month plus no updates, time to archive my blogs from memories...

Sept 07 - trip to Chengdu to witness and experience the world of digital gaming. They have star gamers just like your soccer stars, and people idolize them, get their signature, have photo taken with them...! Of the popular ones that were at the event are China - WE.Sky, WE.XiaoT, from Korean Sweet and Moon! BTW, they specialize in playing warcraft and have been battling each other all over the world in different competitions.

The next was somewhat over publicize and kinda turn out in dismay - Typhoon Wipha! Reports says Typhoon Wipha is one of the greatest disaster to hit China and especially bring great damages to Shanghai, the economic city of China. Typhoon Wipha came and went for all you know. Heavy rain poured in Shanghai when I was sleeping away. Big wind gusting on the road took me quite an effort to face the head wind obstacle on the next day morning to work. On the day that they declared school be closed, few companies also shut their office (but not mine), and can see the street quiet and peaceful. That day the weather was also nice but people on msn was asking me how's the typhoon and they were shocked to received replies saying nice and sunny!

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